Weigh In Wednesday- Where is My Motivation?

Riley FlowersI weighed in at 1.4 pounds less than last week. This is actually a good amount to lose, and it’s my first loss since week one. I’m down 4.2 since I started January 1, but I feel defeated. I’m not doing particularly badly, and my habits have been good overall (good compared to the past, anyway). I am happy about the loss and encouraged by it, but I still feel like I’m doing a bad job.

The problem is I’ve kind of stopped caring. I mentioned last week that I might need a cleanse. I don’t really want to do that, but for some reason they really tend to jump start me.

My husband sent me these flowers yesterday “just because”. He said that he knew I had a long day and wanted to cheer me up. He picked these because my dogs are white. Isn’t the arrangement so cute? I guess my point is, there are good things going on. Life can only get better if I focus more on my health. I’ve been putting stuff off so that I can spend more time with my puppy. That’s kind of an “excuse”, kind of a “reason”. Puppies do take a lot of work, but I know I need to strategize.

DakotaIn other puppy news, I met this little darling on Sunday. His name is Dakota and he belongs to my little niece. He’s a 10 week old Siberian Husky. So precious, I could not put him down.

Today’s goal is to put work outs and meal planning in my calendar. Once it’s in the calendar, I have to do it, right?! I also brought three green smoothies with me to drink during my work day. Wish me luck…



  1. Good luck !!

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  2. Following your blog I know you’re an avid traveler, so you been on a few airplanes and have heard them say “In case of emergency PLEASE put on your oxygen mask before helping others”. So, I ask how can you help those lovely puppies and care for that sweet husband of yours if you are not helping yourself? You want some motivation- ask yourself what the hell will they do without you. Who will inspire, encourage and make your readers laugh?

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  3. ginismycomfortfood says:

    Oh my gosh, you should be so proud of yourself! More than 4 pounds in less than a month is amazing. I totally get how you feel about losing motivation and I think the up and down cycle is very natural (especially if it’s possibly tied to hormones)! Be gentle and good to yourself during this time, and definitely count your blessings – what a thoughtful husband you have, for one 🙂 Also be sure to celebrate your success and don’t feel down because you’re not being as perfect as you think you should be. You’re doing amazing things!

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    • Thank you, that’s really sweet. I actually am oddly encouraged that I’m feeling down when the scale went down. I think it’s a good sign that I’m managing to change my thinking. Before I would have only cared about the scale, but I’m upset now because I haven’t made the lifestyle changes that I want to. You nailed it about wanting to be perfect, that is me all the way.


  4. Hi doll! I understand how it feels to “not care” and feel unmotivated, but you’ve got to keep it up! Are you exercising? Please don’t give up! You can do it. You’ve already come a long way.

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  5. I am the same way! I feel like if I don’t work out as much as I had planned to then I am failing and so what does it matter if I eat all the oreos? It’s good to have goals but we sometimes set ourselves up for failure by imagining that we are going to be completely different within a small period of time. Keep it up though, it sounds like you are doing great!

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  6. Good luck Jillian. Did you get a chance to check the first half of the Liebster Award blog I posted. I still have to come up with 11 victims errr I mean 11 honorees. Teehee.
    Having Fun


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