Am I the Only One Addicted to Magazines?

Magazine AddictionOnce upon a time, there was a preteen girl that wasn’t allowed to read magazines. They were a waste of money. Even if they were free, they were usually not appropriate for a preteen girl. A few years later that girl grew up and had her own money.

For a while, the magazines still seemed like a waste of money. $4.95?! You have to be kidding. That doesn’t even make sense! It takes an hour to read the thing and then I pass it on to a friend! Absurd.


Eventually I figured out that subscriptions are much less expensive. I started with just one subscription. I loved reading Cosmopolitan every month (by the way, this was in my 20s. I now completely see why my mom didn’t want me reading this stuff as a kid. Some of it is shocking!). Reading magazines feels decadent to me. This may be because they were such a novelty growing up, but I think part of it is how much I value the written word. I read every article, cover to cover. I dream over the fashion, pretty make-up, sculpted bodies, and general gorgeousness. I dream of living in a big city and writing for a magazine. I picture glamour, but I’m sure it’s really all the Devil Wears Prada style grunt work.

Here’s where it got me in trouble. With sites like Groupon, I can get a subscription for a year for $5. Somehow magazines are just a trigger point for me. Every time I see a deal on one, I want to buy it. One time I figured out I had 13 magazine subscriptions! This year I meant to cut down to three, but somehow I still have everything pictured above coming to my house. I can’t completely figure out why I love them so much, but I do. I do know that part of it is holding them in my hands. I had a subscription on my iPad once and never once read it. I worry that the physical written word is going away. Newspapers and magazines are disappearing. Even textbooks are going digital. That makes it all the more precious to me.

My current breakdown:

  1. Women’s Running– best running magazine ever. For women by women, so empowering and inspirational. I decided to only renew one of my running magazines, and it was this one.
  2. Runner’s World– great articles and advice. I wanted both running magazines when I was training for a marathon (that I never ran- another post for another time). Side note, I have tried Running Times and found it so dry and more for coaches. Does anyone else feel the same way?
  3. O– I think Oprah is the best for general interest. She’s so relatable, and has great content on budgeting, fashion, beauty, current events, etc. It’s always something new. This has been a keeper for me for many years.
  4. Marie Claire– I didn’t renew this one, but then a friend gifted me with a subscription. I actually had missed it, so I am glad she’s an enabler! I like their fashion spreads and columns.
  5. Vegetarian Times– this was a killer deal. I love to read their recipes, and it makes me happy that they are catering to vegetarians. However, I’ve only actually made one recipe, so I probably shouldn’t renew?
  6. House Beautiful– this was another $5 subscription. We just moved and I thought it would be really fun to look through these, but I have two and actually haven’t looked at one yet.
  7. Lucky– I was planning on Lucky being my only fashion magazine this year. I’ve loved it in the past because they actually feature affordable pieces, but I’m finding this isn’t as true as it used to be (I just subscribed after not reading for a few years). Is this my imagination? I still like it, but I think I should only have one fashion subscription. Can I have two?

I am terrible at minimalism when it comes to magazines. I don’t keep them when I’m done with them. I do my best to give them to someone else to read, or recycle them. Still, it’s definitely consumption. Can anyone help me narrow it down? What is a reasonable amount? What are your favorites?



  1. i love Women’s Health – it combines a little bit of everything: fashion, relationships, fitness. i also like Self for the same reason. for me, i love getting mail when i’m not expecting it…i come home on a random day and i have a little present in my mailbox 🙂

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  2. I LOVE magazines , I love the glossy pages, the dress (oh my gawd dont get me startes on that) , I pictures myself in those dresses ya weiiird I know but still 😉 I hope to work in one of the magazines soon 🙂 ya cosmopolitan is grt

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  3. No wonderI love your blog- we’re reading a lot of the same magazines ha! ha! Please ditch Home Beautiful. I used to subscribe, then started feeling bad about my home, which is absurd, and pissing my partner off. We have just completed a major fabulous renovation, and I want to be happy with the results. Yes, LUCKY has changed. Sadly, I do not know of one solid fashion magazine for the everyday woman. I keep subscribing to various fashion magazines in the hope of finding the one (PEOPLE StyleWatch is close but $16.50 for a subscription is a deal breaker )ha! ha! I say there is no limit on how many magazines you can subscribe to, especially with LivingSocial and Groupon offering $5 deals. Seriously, that’s likes 42 cents an issue; and Costco is selling them for 30% off the news stand price. Talk about a guilt free pleasure and a wonderful gift to give. My philosophy is as long as they uplift, inspire, and help you become your best self, keep on reading and passing them on!

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    • Well, House Beautiful was a Groupon deal so I think I’m stuck. But I’m with you- just by not reading it alone, I think it’s on the chopping block. I didn’t even think about it making me feel worse about my house!

      There needs to be a limit to what I subscribe to- I don’t want to get up to 13 again! The thing is, I love the surprise in the mailbox and the pretty glossy pictures, but when I have too many it feels less like a luxury and more like another chore to get through. I definitely want to avoid that feeling.


  4. I used to buy magazines all the time but, now a lot of them have more advertisements then actual articles! I like women’s health and cooking light. I’ll have to check out Oprah’s magazine, it doesn’t sound too bad. I despise Cosmo though!

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    • I even like some of the ads, they’re so pretty. I seriously think I might have a problem. Oprah’s is good because it definitely has the fluff, but it has some substance. They aren’t all like that, so I look for that.


  5. I used to like to read magazines, but somehow that was replaced by a dislike of the commersial aspects of it. They are always trying to sell us stuff, make us consume more stuff. And as the feminist in me woke up, I found myself getting increasingly annoyed by “women’s” magazines. It’s sad, in a way. There is something about reading a magazine while having a cup of tea 🙂

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  6. You know, that’s what makes minimalism so awesome – you ditch things that aren’t adding to your life, you keep things that are, and you add things that will! If magazines add positive to your day/week/month, I don’t see ANY reason for you to feel bad for having all those subscriptions!! Now, if you were getting them and then letting them pile up without reading them and storing them in a closet? I’d be saying otherwise…. 😉

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  7. Can’t help you love. My reading style and yours is totally different. My magazines are National Geographic, Beadwork, and Bead & Button. I have been a Nat Geo subscriber for over 25 years and inherited my grandparents magazines so I have mags going back to the 40s. The beading magazine of course are for my business. Other than that I quit Readers Digest and Bird Watchers Digest 2 years ago and Good Housekeeping long long ago.

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  8. I used to have a major magazine obsession too but I let it go when I realized I can’t keep track of the subscriptions… Not to mention the Internet fills my needs.

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  9. I’m also a magazine junky but I have an obsession for the international fashion magazines, Italian Marieclaire, italian Elle, those giant September Vogues, Instyle, and I wish someone could supply me with french Elle.

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  1. […] In this post, I mentioned that I find magazines to be a great gift. The recipient gets to enjoy them month after month, and they don’t take up a lot of space. They are an indulgence that not everyone will buy for themselves. However, they are still stuff. In a comment on another post of mine, Mag suggested both a way to personalize the gift of magazines, and a really great website where you can donate toward a birthday celebration for a homeless child. What a perfect birthday gift! I would love to receive that. […]


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