Annual Goals

Jillian loves the PackersI thought about it for a while, and even though I didn’t complete 100% of my 35 Things to do Before 35; I still really enjoyed the process and am going to do it again. Here are my goals to accomplish before I turn 36!


1. Go to afternoon tea

2. Canoeing at Cook Park

3. Tree to Tree obstacle course

4. Go horseback riding

5. Take a vacation- even if it’s just using the days off to stay home (6/11 Palm Springs)

6. Spa day with Chelle

7. Hike Dog Mountain

8. Go to West Coast Game Park Safari

9. Visit Seattle

10. Volunteer at a homeless shelter

11. Frame my three unframed pictures (3/1)

12. Do a painting (8/16)

13. Go to a play (West Side Story in July)

14. Go on a picnic


15. Automate emergency fund deposits- and keep them that way! (Did all year until I quit my job. With my new job, I am supplementing my pay with savings.) 

16. Invest in stock (any amount, even one share. Maybe Acorn?)- got Acorn, 5/16

17. Decide if I want to save to buy a house/townhouse/condo (decided not in my goals for this year)

18. Do Suze University

19. Check credit (1/16)

On-going goals

20. Visit grandparents once a month (10 of 12)

21. Send a card or care package every week (8 of 52)

22. See a friend once a week (46 of 52)

23. Practice yoga once a week (4 of 52)

24. Exercise at least twice a week (3 of 52)

25. Buy myself flowers once a month (6 of 12)

26. Do purge of belongings once a month 

27. Use all four free car details (1 of 4)

28. Post on blog once a week (13 of 52)

29. Tour two distilleries (2 of 2)


30. Lose 40 pounds

31. Use my Happy Herbivore meal plans for at least a month

32. Run a 10k

33. Focus on giving fewer things and more experiences (Maren’s birthday, my birthday, Christmas gift exchanges)

34. Find a therapist 


35. Teach Riley two new tricks (crawl)

36. Take Riley to a third training class

Here is last year’s project (complete with results): My 35 Project!


  1. This double posted! Does that me you have 70 goals now? Lol

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  2. nooooooo it means I made this it’s own page so that I could update it. Not 70 goals! That is way too ambitious! You’re scaring me.


  3. 🙂 sooo sooo sweet 🙂
    hugs hugs hugs 🙂

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  4. Very cool idea. I’m impressed with your ambition. I can’t join you, though… 15 years too late!

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  5. Wow, those are a whole lot of goals! How are you faring so far? Does the list rather motivate or stress you? I’ll pop over your friend’s blog to see what it’s all exactly about 😉 Keep up your spirits and hope you’ll manage your goals before 35 🙂 Good luck ❤

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    • Well… The ones in italics are the ones I’ve done. I have numbers on the ongoing things for how much success I’ve had. I think you’re right on… It motivates AND stresses me. I like it enough that I’ve already decided to do it next year, but I think I’m going to focus more on fun experiences that I want to push myself to try. Thanks for looking!

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      • That might be a very good way to do it – focusing on fun stuff! One tends to be so (too…) ambitious – at least I know I do… sometimes it’s important to let it go a bit and just enjoy the moment. It would have to be a good and healthy balance between the two things^^. Thanks a lot for the follow btw – I truly appreciate it ❤

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      • I liked your blog 🙂 and… Yes. I have too many things I have to do every week on here. I was really ambitious about making over my whole life.

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  6. Sounds fun! What a great project. Unfortunately I wouldn’t be able to join you for awhile…unless, I really want to spend eleven years doing all that….(I’m 14) 🙂

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