Simplify Sunday- Annual Goals Update 

  birthday drinks 
I cannot believe it’s been seven weeks since I started my new annual goals. I have no idea how that happened. Counting the weeks has made me feel pretty guilty about how little I’ve done. Still, I have done a couple of things that are important to me. 

As pictured here, I went out for dinner and drinks in a joint birthday celebration with my beautiful friend, M. Our birthdays are five days apart, and we usually buy each other gifts. We do often go out for happy hour as well, but not always. I know that she is big into experiences instead of stuff, so I thought she would be the perfect person to start working on that goal with. 

It helped that it was my birthday, too. It’s a lot easier to say to someone, “Hey, let’s go out and try something fun together to celebrate our birthdays instead of buying tangible gifts” than it is to say “You know how I usually take you out for happy hour and give you a present for your birthday? Well, I know you probably don’t even remember what I gave you last year (and hey, neither do I), so let’s just skip that part and spend a little more money on the experience”. The second way you just sound like a cheapass. I haven’t quite figured out to spin that yet. 

M and I had so much fun hanging out. That’s what sucks about growing up- the more responsibilities you have, the more rare that time with your friends is. We used to hang out a few times a week, and now we’re lucky if it’s a few times a month. I loved going the experience instead of stuff route, and I definitely want to keep that going. 

I automated my emergency fund deposits for each month. I’ve had two go in so far, which is awesome. I have really not saved anything over the last year in my emergency fund, because everything I’ve put in has come out at some point. Last year was super expensive! I also checked my credit, and didn’t see any red flags. My score is the highest it’s ever been, which was exciting!

Maybe I find strange things exciting, but I think those are my biggest accomplishments so far on my list. Simplifying gift giving and saving, but in totally different ways. Anyone else trying anything new this year that they’ve managed to stick to?



  1. How do I say, “Way to go!”, without sounding like a big sister looking over her sun glasses as she says it!!
    My quiet goal is to take those cute recycle bags with me to the grocery store. Now that the stores are charging us for the bags they use.

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    • Lol. Well, you can fill in for my big sister, how about that?

      That is a really good goal. My area doesn’t charge for bags yet, but I set that goal a few years ago. It took a while to get into the habit. Here’s what worked for me: I have one bag that stuffed inside itself, and I keep that in my purse. It’s so convenient when I need just a few things! The others I keep in my trunk, inside an open top container that keeps them from flying around my trunk. The key is remembering to take them into the store, and forcing yourself to put them back in the car.

      When you get really advanced, you can also get reusable produce bags. I adore mine. I swear they keep stuff fresh longer, and you can rinse stuff right in the mesh bag!


      • Thanks for letting me be a fill in sister, we probably like the same music so, it will be easy.
        I have never seen reusable produce bags. I will look for those. I have some really pretty bags, they are getting more popular now. Putting them back in the car and remembering they are there is tricky.
        But, have you seen the fancy signs at Trader Joe’s reminding you to bring in your bags…like we are going to go back to our They are just as funny as those signs that you are on camera…oh, selfie time!

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      • Oh, I know, those signs are absurd 🙂 I always think the same thing- if I didn’t have them now, I wouldn’t go back!

        I got my produce bags in the produce section at Fred Meyer.


      • Ok..who is Fred Meyer? lol Is he someone like Joe but, not in my hood?

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      • More of a mainstream chain store, less awesome. But hmm yeah I don’t think they’re all over. They are part of Kroger. I’ve never been in a Kroger, but I’m guessing they are similar if you have those.


      • I think Kroger is like Ralph’s. I live by Disneyland, we have everything here. I will ask the cute guy in produce..haha
        Have you ever heard of Painting with a Twist? Everyone paint’s (on canvas) it’s like a party & you drink. That would help one of your goals, or a fun girl’s night out if any thing.

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      • I have done it! So fun 🙂


      • I always keep my reusable bags stuffed in my cup holder. That reminds me to take them into the store every time. When I unload my groceries I stick them in my purse, and on the weekend when I clean out my bag I am reminded to toss them in the wash. It is one happy cycle, and it is saving me 15 cents a bag. If I forget a dollar goes into the fuck me jar.

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      • Ugh I always forget to wash mine. I need to follow that procedure.


  2. I love your hair and you are doing so well. A lesson I learned in life- don’t count the weeks, days, and months- just count the success and the wins! I also think a LOT of people would rather have experiences than gifts, so having those awkward conversations may be helpful for both of you.

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    • Thanks 🙂 That’s a good point, I know I’m not alone in my mission. But the people I am closest to, that I could bring it up with, are the people that know me best and give me the best gifts. Hence, the dilemma lol


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