Simplify Sunday-Preparing for Moving Day

  As someone who hates having stuff around, it’s super hard for me (mentally) to pack up all of my belongings and move. I want to just get rid of all of it! Where did all of this crap come from and why do I still have it?

I actually love the related activity of going through all of my belongings and picking out things to give to charity. February’s purge is above (just the four bags in the front and the mirror. The tote, tire chains, yoga mat, and blanket live in my trunk). It makes me feel good to get things out of my space. A cluttered space, for me, equals a cluttered mind. 

Those bags went to Teen Challenge today. In their place, I hauled in a bunch of cardboard boxes. Soon those boxes will be filled with everything I own, and I will see how much I really have. There’s no way to deny it when nothing is put away or hidden out of sight. It will be interesting to see how much more I find that I just don’t feel I need any more. I truly feel that I just got rid of everything I wanted to… But I’m sure that will change. 

Does anyone else feel anxious about having too many belongings? Is this some sort of mental illness? I don’t feel it’s a bad thing to be neat, minimalistic, or organized. However, I do sometimes feel a little crazy because no one else except my sister understands this need that I have to constantly minimize. How do I know if I’m taking it too far? Maybe when I don’t have “enough” stuff left? I don’t know that such a thing is even possible. 



  1. SimpleLivingOver50 says:

    Moving from the East Coast to the West Coast was a huge eye opener for me Jillian. I learned more about the crap I owned and the fact that I didn’t need it than I could have reading 10 books on decluttering. I ended up getting rid of 3/4ths of the things I possessed. Good luck with the move.

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  2. I am also decluttering- I’m gathering books to donate to the Children’s Hospital for their book sale, clothes to donate to the Diabetes Association, and boxes to donate to the Humane Society. What am I going to do with all of this stuff?!?

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  3. All this month I have March things out of my life. I have tossed out 5 things a day. I got rid of Face Book on day 1..not looking back! Not one of those “friends” have emailed me or txt..that’s 25 people gone. Some things are harder to get rid of and then there are things we think we can’t live without…I found out I can live without “stuff”. The word stuff has a whole different meaning to me in the month of March.
    You are on your way to a better you.

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  4. I understand!! I look around and think…I have too much stuff!! Good for you! I am hoping to clear out some closets soon. Thanks for your inspiration.

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  5. I’m with you! ALL about minimizing, especially in the last year or two. Too much stuff literally and symbolically weighs you down. And donating it is a great way to feel like you’re not wasting it 🙂

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