Lumosity. It’s a Problem. 

train game
In August, K came to visit. It was glorious! One thing she left me with was an addiction to Lumosity.

It’s kind of just another phone app, but it’s supposed to be good for your brain. Hey, I’ll take something that makes me smarter!

There is a free option, which is what I have. The free option gives you three games a day, and they choose them for you.

Here’s where I get into trouble. There is a game with trains. The goal is to get each train into the station that it matches. I am so obsessed with this game (and my use of the word obsession here is not in the typical blog sense of “oh it’s a trend that I like”). When this game comes up, I cannot stop playing it. It can go on for over an hour.

K has asked me if I am going to buy the paid version. First of all, it’s really pretty expensive. Second of all, I MUST be saved from myself. This is ridiculous.

The burning question is- do any of you play this? Do you know about the train game? I’m on the last level, but it doesn’t seem to be possible to beat it. They just keep adding more trains! Does it ever end? I don’t know how to cut the cord!

Oh, and just as your reward for reading this far, I give you this conversation, where I confess my worst mistake of the day:




  1. I have not yet played this but I know that serge nancy miles and Michelle got addicted to it. I’m sure you could ask Nancy about it and she’d give you her feedback!

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  2. The Costco Connect recently did a cover story on Luminosity. I have long ago drank the Costco kool-aid, so needless to say I signed up for these games. My two favorite memory games are the beach combing game and the coffee game. They are so addictive I have found myself playing these games for hours, although each game is less than two minutes. I am not sure I want an intervention, as I do believe these games are helping me memory wise. I found my car keys last week in like 30 seconds; and, not to persuade you into buying it, they offer some deep discounts if you sign up for emails.

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    • Really?! Awesome victory on the keys 🙂 we’ll see, I may end up upgrading eventually. I just don’t like how it’s a monthly fee. I like both of those. The suitcase one drives me crazy!!


  3. Luckily I don’t have room for the Pizza Hut app… Although in my neck of the woods they don’t deliver to my house, so it’s not as dangerous as it would be… I did have room for Luminosity, tho an now I’m purposefully trying to force myself not to “train” every day. IT IS A PROBLEM-I 💜 puzzles! For me since I do t have time at night, I’m that rude gal glued to her phone in lines…

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  4. OH MY YES!!!! Totally into the train game!!! 😀

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