Sometimes I Paint- The Grass Is Always Greener

paintingI try not to get too personal about my work, but I have an ever evolving job. My official title is Executive Assistant to the CEO. However, sometimes things get a little out of hand.

One day I was in his office, and he was describing to me a painting that he really wanted. He had never seen such a painting, but he made some scribbles on a scrap of paper. He had the idea that I could find someone to paint this for him, preferably for under $100.

I required a lot of explanation of what his drawing was, but then agreed that it may be possible to make this happen. He gets a lot of ideas, many of which do not come to fruition (due to many factors, one of which is my accomplishing actual work πŸ™‚ ). I think he thought I forgot about it, or maybe he just forgot about it.

Secretly, I had decided that I would take it upon myself to paint it. I like to paint, though I rarely do it. I thought it would be a fun challenge, and it was a few months before Christmas. It’s not like there are very many things you can give to your boss! I figured if it came out too embarrassing, I would just scrap the project and no one except J would have to know.

Except… I was pretty proud of myself! How cute are my cows? I managed to get exactly what he wanted, and he was super shocked. I kind of want to start another project in the next few months, does anyone have any ideas?



  1. Your cows turned out so very cute!

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  2. I think you captured what he wanted to relay. Well done.

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  3. Yeah, super cute! Maybe a painting of your dream vacation place?

    What did your boss end up doing with his painting?

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  4. That is super cute! Well done! Someday I would like to try my hand at painting… first I need to get my house organized so that I can have a craft room!

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  5. Aw, the faces of your cows are to die for. They are so cute.

    Next ideas!
    Mermaids or quite possibly a web logo for my website?! I’ve been trying to find one for so long. 😦 But I don’t know how to do it myself.

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    • Thanks πŸ™‚ I want to snuggle them!

      I don’t know about mermaids. They seem hard but so did cows so maybe I could!

      I don’t know how to do a logo either, but has tons of people that will do that for you, starting at $5. I totally plan to have someone from there so one for me, once I have more of a vision.


  6. Aw, that’s very cute! I like the painting! Have you tried knitting? I like to knit in the evenings, it relaxes me and clears my mind πŸ™‚

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  7. Cute- you are a woman of many talents! You should check in with 60while60. One of her goals is to paint six paintings this year. She just did her first one and it’s a masterpiece

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  8. I’m so impressed by this! Is there anything you can’t do?!

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  9. Great stuff!!

    I am Hindu and cows are our sacred animal, so I’m a big fan already πŸ™‚

    As they say “creativity is divinity”. I actually believe that any form of creative expression brings us closer to knowing the self. And that in itself is divine.

    Keep going!!

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    • That’s wonderful, I’m glad you like it πŸ™‚

      Also, that belief makes a lot of sense. Whenever I’m doing something creative, I always feel something that I can’t really explain, something that does make me know myself better.

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