How I Paint

painting by Jillian

I was listening to music in my room, when I realized that I had the perfect idea for the piece missing on my wall. I struggle with forgiveness, and really, mostly with forgetting. The quote “bitterness keeps you from flying” is from the Tim McGraw song “Humble and Kind.” I want to focus on happiness, love, and the present. I don’t want to waste any more time on the bad or bad memories. 

My bedroom wall has been empty for quite a while, and I wanted to paint something this year. I thought the clouds and sun would be pretty, and planned for a quote over the painting. I used an app (PhotoGrid) to decide how I wanted the letters before painting them on there. 

PhotoGrid apppainting mock up
My letters didn’t turn out quite like the app, but it works! Have you ever painted your own art for your place? It’s kind of a lot of pressure… I don’t love how it turned out, but I still like it. 


Sometimes I Paint- The Grass Is Always Greener

paintingI try not to get too personal about my work, but I have an ever evolving job. My official title is Executive Assistant to the CEO. However, sometimes things get a little out of hand.

One day I was in his office, and he was describing to me a painting that he really wanted. He had never seen such a painting, but he made some scribbles on a scrap of paper. He had the idea that I could find someone to paint this for him, preferably for under $100.

I required a lot of explanation of what his drawing was, but then agreed that it may be possible to make this happen. He gets a lot of ideas, many of which do not come to fruition (due to many factors, one of which is my accomplishing actual work 🙂 ). I think he thought I forgot about it, or maybe he just forgot about it.

Secretly, I had decided that I would take it upon myself to paint it. I like to paint, though I rarely do it. I thought it would be a fun challenge, and it was a few months before Christmas. It’s not like there are very many things you can give to your boss! I figured if it came out too embarrassing, I would just scrap the project and no one except J would have to know.

Except… I was pretty proud of myself! How cute are my cows? I managed to get exactly what he wanted, and he was super shocked. I kind of want to start another project in the next few months, does anyone have any ideas?