What To Wear To My Friend’s Wedding

outfit twoMy friend is getting married on Friday. I’m suddenly realizing that I don’t have a lot of wedding appropriate outfits. These two outfits are the best I can come up with so far. The wedding is happening at night, at a church.

Outfit #1: black Charter School Cardigan from Modcloth (affiliate link- I will earn a small percentage if you buy this), red dress from Modcloth (Ain’t We Haute Fun?- sold out), cream bag by Kate Spade (Georgina), sandals by RSVP (Emery)

I would also wear this Kate Space bracelet that I was wanting- my friend M gave it to me for my birthday!



outfit oneOutfit #2: green cardigan by 14th and Union (from Nordstrom Rack), Company Cocktails dress by Modcloth (sold out, but similar- affiliate link), silver clutch (etsy), silver sandals (kelly and katie), bracelet by Kenneth Cole

So, are either one of these outfits acceptable? I should mention that a) my husband hates the red dress and thinks it’s hideous and b) the black and white dress is a little short. I ordered this slip (affiliate link) that I’m hoping will arrive in time and look cute under the black and white dress. Otherwise maybe I would wear dark tights and black shoes?

By the way, I created these outfits with Stylebook. Prestyn Kylie at Roaring Waters wrote about it here, and I thought I would try it out. I’ll be honest, getting it set up is A LOT of work. It is pretty cool once you get everything in though!

Sometimes I hate picking out clothes. It’s just so stressful! Why can’t I be one of those girls that likes this? πŸ™‚




  1. I LOVE that red dress! I think it would look really cute with a silver wrap instead of a black cardigan.

    Maybe something like this: http://www.dillards.com/product/V.-Fraas-Solid-Metallic-Evening-Wrap_301_-1_301_504428298

    or this: http://www.beltoutlet.com/woclpashasco.html

    And you could pair it with the silver shoes?

    Both these outfits are super cute though. Hope you have fun!

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  2. I adore both, why not choose red dress as said by ginis ? Go bright girl πŸ™‚

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  3. I love dress one, but if the hubby doesn’t like it maybe save it for an evening out with the girls. Option two is adorable. May I suggest you switch it out with cardigan from option one or the V. Fraas Solid Metallic Evening Wrap. Lime green seems a little too loud and fun for a night church wedding. Black opaque tights (Nordstrom Rack has the best tights) and black closed toe or maybe peep toe heels would look stunning as well as minimize the shortness. Please post a photo of you in the winning outfit!

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  4. That’s too bad about J’s feelings for the red dress. I was just thinking A. I can’t believe you have such cute dresses! And B. I love the red one! I think you should definitely wear the one you feel more comfortable in. Plus of course I’m voting for the one that includes your new bracelet! =) whatever you do just don’t wear your yellow dress. Lol. Happy wedding time!

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  5. option 1!

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  6. The red dress from ModCloth is definitely cute! They always have great dresses. The green cardigan outfit is also cute, and for some reason it reminds me of the Emma character on Glee (although I stopped watching after Season 2. Anyway. Have fun!

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  7. I agree! It does take some time getting all your clothes in, but then it won’t be so bad when you only have to add one or two (or three) new ones, right?

    I really like both of these outfits. I also really like the red dress–but if your husband doesn’t, well… I guess it would depend on what kind of wedding it is. Good luck finding something, I hope you have a good time at the wedding no matter what you wear! πŸ™‚

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  8. 60while60 says:

    I once wore white to nephews wedding and was told. Black has the same effect, too somber. Both outfits are adorable and you have good taste. Go with gut feeling and wear the red dress.
    Have fun!

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  9. worxs4kelly says:

    hmm? if I may-? I really think…U should go by what your Husband thinks & yes…. you & I also know…that if u put pressure on him & try to change his mind,,, he will cave in to u….after all,,, he must *LOVE U S0000 much to say: yes Jillian if what ever u want….go a head,,,,(BUT)-? remember,,,, he must of told u because ??? well?? I’ll jus leave the rest up to U….so….its up to u of what to do…..*PEACE !!!!!!

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  10. worxs4kelly says:

    hmm? then…..idk-? lol & well, ? being that I really don’t know u that well……I shouldn’t say anything else in regard’s to ? well, certain things, & in what ever u do or wear,,,, jus *ENJOY your selves at this wedding peace* πŸ™‚ Its all good !!!!!!!!

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  11. worxs4kelly says:

    oh, very good I jus looked at outfit-2 again…I do hav to say: it is…a real pretty outfit & I can tell it will look nice on U as well & I *LOVE the shoes too I hav (always) loved open toe shoes & when I say that. I am first saying it as how a guy…likes to see on a woman,,,, & now for my…fem-side so to speak,,,, I too can ENJOY wearing a shoe like that…& even that outfit that your goin to wear….it is *N I C E !!!!! & yes,,,,, pictures would be nice to see also πŸ™‚

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