What To Wear To My Friend’s Wedding

outfit twoMy friend is getting married on Friday. I’m suddenly realizing that I don’t have a lot of wedding appropriate outfits. These two outfits are the best I can come up with so far. The wedding is happening at night, at a church.

Outfit #1: black Charter School Cardigan from Modcloth (affiliate link- I will earn a small percentage if you buy this), red dress from Modcloth (Ain’t We Haute Fun?- sold out), cream bag by Kate Spade (Georgina), sandals by RSVP (Emery)

I would also wear this Kate Space bracelet that I was wanting- my friend M gave it to me for my birthday!



outfit oneOutfit #2: green cardigan by 14th and Union (from Nordstrom Rack), Company Cocktails dress by Modcloth (sold out, but similar- affiliate link), silver clutch (etsy), silver sandals (kelly and katie), bracelet by Kenneth Cole

So, are either one of these outfits acceptable? I should mention that a) my husband hates the red dress and thinks it’s hideous and b) the black and white dress is a little short. I ordered this slip (affiliate link) that I’m hoping will arrive in time and look cute under the black and white dress. Otherwise maybe I would wear dark tights and black shoes?

By the way, I created these outfits with Stylebook. Prestyn Kylie at Roaring Waters wrote about it here, and I thought I would try it out. I’ll be honest, getting it set up is A LOT of work. It is pretty cool once you get everything in though!

Sometimes I hate picking out clothes. It’s just so stressful! Why can’t I be one of those girls that likes this? 🙂