Simplify Sunday- Love and Happiness

jillian and mkThis is me and my love, MK πŸ™‚ We showed up at a party in almost the same dress, but we love each other so much that we thought it was fantastic instead of embarrassing.

Today I’m going to write about a different part of My 35 Project than I usually do on Sundays. Part of what I’ve wanted to do this year is be more intentional about relationships. I am an odd person because if I had to choose, I would say I am extroverted. Maybe I should take a poll and see what those around me say, but I am not afraid to talk to strangers, I tend to be loud in inappropriate situations, and I feed off of the energy of groups of people.

All that aside, I like to stay home and snuggle my dogs. I do make an effort to stay in touch with the people I love, but I’m bad at making plans and sometimes I get anxious when I think about going out in public. I make plans that I really look forward to, and then when the day comes I get anxious. I’m just kind of nuts.

I made goals to see a friend once a week, and to send something in the mail once a week. The mail has been easy and fun. I love writing a letter or card, it makes me so happy. I hope that it makes the person receiving it happy too! The in person visits I am 5/7. I don’t know why I can’t pull it together. Every time I make time to see a friend, I feel so rejuvenated and so much happier to be alive. That may sound extreme, but it’s true. I love to connect with other people, catch up, share a snack, whatever.

To me, that’s what it’s all about. Getting to know other people, finding true friends and love ❀ I guess everything is about priorities in this world, but it frustrated me that I have to constantly revisit mine (just to figure out what I’ve always known). I want to spend my time doing the simple things in life that make me happy- spending time with people I love, exercise, food, sleep… back to the basics!



  1. You can be both! I am an outgoing person- I will engage strangers in any line that I happen to be standing in. I am also an introvert, as I often unplug from the world a few evening a week. I am also more inclined to invite friends over than go out. A friend recently told me she loves to spend time with me because I cut out her anxiety of where to meet and what to wear; and she doesn’t have to worry about over spending. I smiled and reminded her life is truly about the basics: God, love, good conversation, laughter, food, and sleep!

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  2. I’m totally with you on the conflicted personality type… I would typically call myself an introvert, but I’m a social introvert? I love being social and meeting new people, but I might not say much to them until I get to know them better… And I really do enjoy my down time…

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  3. You’re an omnivert, like me.

    If you like personality tests try this one: it is one of the best

    Let us know the result!!

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  1. […] Last week I mentioned that my favorite part of My 35 Project has been pushing myself to really connect with my loved ones. That’s still true. It has changed my perspective, and reminded me that it’s not selfish to take time out to nurture my friendships and relationships with my family. It’s actually what life is about, the core of it all. It’s easy to feel over scheduled and like spending time doing something for yourself is low priority, but it isn’t. […]


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