stitchfixI explained how Stitchfix works in this post, but here is a short run down: fill out a style profile, a stylist sends you a surprise package of five items, try them on, decide what to keep, and send the rest back. You only pay for what you keep, but there is a $20 styling fee. If you don’t keep anything you’re out the $20, but if you do it comes off your total. That’s really like paying shipping both ways (which they don’t charge), so it’s not a huge deal to me.

I skipped last month, but now Stitchfix is back. I came home and found this box today. I tried to find everything before hand, but most of the pictures were not that close to what I actually got. The one exception was a shirt that I already have in a different design.


Renee C Andez Drape Front CardiganRenee C Andez Drape Front Cardigan 2Renee C Andez Drape Front Cardigan $48.00 Okay, this is not what I was expecting at all. It’s soft, and the material is thick. It was really comfortable, and I liked it from the side- the draping is cute. However. I look like I’m wearing a blanket. Or a bear pelt. It’s too overwhelming. I mean, it is right? I kind of wanted to keep it, but I just think I look ridiculous.




Skies are Blue Casey Embroidered BlouseSkies are Blue Casey Embroidered Blouse $58.00 I’m sorry in advance to anyone who got this and liked it. I’m sure it looks very cute on you. On me, I don’t like the stomach emphasis or the embroidery. I think every pattern on it is ugly. It fits baggy in the chest and arms and tight in the stomach. I hate everything about this shirt. I guess the fabric was okay, but it was really thin and clung strangely.





Renee C Macklin Graphic Floral Print BlouseRenee C Macklin Graphic Floral Print Blouse $48.00 This is the shirt that I already bought in a different color, a few boxes ago. I’m not loving this pattern, and it’s too low cut for work without a tank top. I definitely don’t need two of these, so it’s going back! If I didn’t have the first one, I probably would have bought this just to not lose my $20.

update: My friend MK saw my post on Instagram, and loved this shirt. She caught me before I sent it back, so now it has a new home with her 🙂





THML Margate Mix Material TopTHML Margate Mix Material Top $48.00 It’s a little hard to see in the picture, but the top is black and white striped, and the bottom is blue and orange striped. I guess that’s sort of cute, since I never wear orange and this might ease me in. I put it on and it was too tight, and the orange stripes totally emphasized my stomach. That is absolutely the last thing I am looking for in life. Maybe in life is a stretch. It is absolutely the last thing I am looking for in a shirt.




Liverpool Mira Skinny JeanLiverpool Mira Skinny Jean $78.00 The pants were my favorite thing by far. I like that the pockets in the back are lower than most pants. They have a wider waist band, which is good. The problem is they’re very similar to pants I already have. If they had been a different color, I would have bought them. I also didn’t think they looked that cute on me when I saw the pictures. I’m realizing I kept more stuff from these boxes before I blogged about them and had to look at so many pictures… wonder what that says about me…

Buying everything would have been $215.00, after the discount for buying all five items. Did anyone get any awesome Stitchfix stuff this month? If anyone wants to try Stitchfix, here is my referral link: