What Do You Do When Your Coworker Is Sick? 

not messing aroundI am not screwing around. I will not fall victim to the office plague that is about to start. I won’t!

The girl that shares my cube wall, the one that’s closest to my face, has an awful sounding cold. I totally get why she’s at work. We have no paid sick time- if you want to stay home, you have to either take it unpaid or use a vacation day. Even if you have the vacation time, you’re still going to have to do all the work the next day when you return. You will also get calls at home. It’s really not worth it. She even has a big project this week she has to pull off. It makes the most sense to power through it.

HOWEVER. I do not want any part of sounding and feeling like she does, and I have the weakest immune system around. I talk to someone on the phone who is sick and I get it (practically!). Another coworker brought me this ridiculous Disney mask, and I totally wore it.

I know it looks like I have a diaper on my face.

Everyone time someone walked by my desk, they laughed.

I also was mean enough to not let the sick girl play with my puppy, I chugged Emergen-C, and had her scan me papers instead of touching them and handing them to me.

I didn’t touch anything in the office.

Now my ears and throat hurt. I feel like this is the beginning of the end.

Aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah I acted like an insane person for no reason and I still somehow caught it!! What would you have done? What else could I have done to be safe?


DayQuil = 93 Calories?!?

dayquilYou all are NOT going to believe this. DayQuil has 93 calories per dose! I was entering my calories on Sparkpeople, and someone had it entered as zero. I knew that couldn’t be right, so I Googled it. All sources say it’s 93 calories! How is that okay?! Poor sick me just wants to feel better, and a shot of DayQuil is almost the same as a shot of vodka! I have pictured to the right two snacks that have fewer calories than a dose of DayQuil. Yikes! I would switch to the capsules, but they are gelatin which is not vegetarian. Does anyone have any awesome alternatives for me? This is insanity. Beware of the DayQuil conspiracy!