Modcloth Sale- subtitle I Love Minimalism and Modcloth. It’s a Conundrum.

red dress**This post contains affiliate links. If you buy something from them, I will get a portion of the sale. My opinions are my own, and I really do basically get everything I own from Modcloth, with my own money.**

So, I just got an order from Modcloth. The trick is, starting today they have one of the best sales I’ve ever seen. Stuff I just bought is now 40% off. It’s making me crazy. Of course now I want to buy more stuff. They have this thing where they sell things in just one color, and slowly roll out new colors. It really sucks me in.

Remember when I talked about how much I love this red dress? Well, now they have a cream version, and it’s super cute and on sale. Did I ever mention how this dress has pockets? I really wish my husband didn’t hate it, but since he does I’m saving some money. For reference if you buy this, they’re not kidding when they say UK sizes are a lot smaller than US sizes. I usually wear a 10 in US sizes, and I got this dress in a 16 and it fits perfectly. Don’t say I didn’t warn you 🙂

A few more pretty things that I’m drooling over, but do not need (sales, I’m telling you… sucking me in!):

black gingham dress with lace back

gorgeous burgundy coat

super cute bag- I’ve been wanting the blue version of this for so long

soft pajamas

And for what I actually bought! I am quickly realizing that since I hurt both my calf and my knees, I can’t wear heels anymore for every day. All winter I have been wearing boots, but spring is coming fast and I have zero flats that aren’t boots. I’m going to be barefoot! I decided to try two different flats that aren’t even part of the sale. I’m hoping one of them is comfortable.

ballet like flats

simple, beige flats

iphone5/5s charger – I wish I didn’t need this so much, but I do. I am trying to come to terms with the fact that my phone rarely leaves my hand…

rainbow umbrella – I want this to go with my bright red raincoat and boots!

Does anyone have some super comfortable flats that they could recommend for wearing to the office? Our dress code is business casual.


Pretty Things- Modcloth Edition

Modcloth coatI love Modcloth*. They have unique clothes with a vintage feel. I like to wear a mix of vintage type pieces with modern pieces. I like Modcloth so much because their stuff seems to fit me better than other things. The special feeling of their pieces also can’t be beat. I love wearing something that everyone else won’t have. The bummer is that many of their items sell out really quickly, so if you find something you love, you really need to snap it up. They also have some true vintage items that they will list one piece at a time. I am guessing that 75% of my work clothes have come from Modcloth.

*This Modcloth home page link is an affiliate link. This is my first shot at an affiliate program. If you buy something using my link I will get a small percentage of the sale. This review is all my personal opinion, and the links below are not affiliate links.

This is my favorite coat (pictured). The giant hood is the coolest thing ever. It makes me feel like a fairy tale princess. The one I’m wearing is from last year, but the Cookie Pie Coat is really similar and there is one left. This is the same coat as mine (Once Upon a Thyme), but hoodin a different pattern- five left of this one.

I also have the I Love Your Dress in olive and black. I am loving the burgundy, but I think I need to resist buying every color. My favorite thing about this dress is that it covers my chest (it’s so hard to find modest clothes for work) and does a lot to disguise my stomach. This dress is also super easy to dress up or down. I’ve worn it with flip flops for a casual day or with heels and a clutch for a date.

Now for the things I don’t have, but love.

The Ever So Soften Hoodie is a great example of something I do not need at all. I’ve been wanting it since last year, so maybe this means I should buy it anyway? Or you should, so I can live vicariously through you. It’s adorable because it has bits of lace added to it for a fun mix of girly and tomboy.

I adore this Sublime Light Top. It would be super cute with a blazer for work, or obviously for going out. I only have a black blazer, but it would be so perfect with this Fine and Sandy Blazer.

These Laid-back in Action boots will probably be purchased very soon. My grey boots have a hole in them, and I’ve been looking everywhere for a replacement. I tried a few pairs from Zappos, but haven’t found the right ones yet.

I really like this Owl Gussied Up Scarf Hanger, but I’m sort of thinking maybe I could make my own? I’ve seen stuff on Pinterest, I might need to look into that.

Show me pictures if you buy anything! Also, has anyone made their own scarf hanger?


Pretty Things to Buy in the New Year

TOMS boots*this post contains a Modcloth affiliate link. All opinions are my own, and if you click on this link to buy the coat I will get a small percentage on the sale.

TOMS ‘Desert’ Wedge Booties are so adorable. I’ve never bought a pair of TOMS before, but my coworker has these and I love them. She also said that they were more comfortable walking around the mall yesterday than her athletic shoes are! What?! I need them. I can’t justify the $88.95 price tag this month, but they are on my wish list.

I am also seriously lusting over these Sanctuary Original Grease Ponte Leggings in brown. I recently bought the black ones when they were on sale, and they are perfect. They have fake pockets, which make them look more like real pants and possible to wear to work. They’re thick enough to not be see through and to keep me warm. They don’t slip down too badly. The Fitnessista recommended them and at first I hesitated (her body is perfect- mine is not), but she was so right. If you need leggings, buy these!

Next up: gorgeous Kate Spade Idiom bangles. I want to buy these in every color, but every time I wear a bracelet I take it off two seconds after I get to work. I can’t stand the clanging against my keyboard. I’m thinking of testing the waters with this ivory one, though. It would be so cute with my favorite ivory Kate Spade bag.

The Carefully Chosen Coat on Modcloth*. I have a coat similar to this so I won’t buy it, but it’s very cute with it’s black and white houndstooth, and a fantastic deal on sale for $49.99. Modcloth always has a way of making me want to buy things!

Happy shopping 🙂


My Stitchfix Stash

stitchfix boxI love things that are easy. Easy and cute= definitely my favorite. This defines Stitchfix for me. Just as a catch up, I’m going to post what I kept from my first three “fixes”. The first thing you get is this cute box that tells you everything you need to do. Then your new pieces are nicely wrapped up, with the notes from your stylist and the price list. It wasn’t intentional, but I have kept one item from each fix so far. I know that some people make it a goal to just keep one piece (to stay on budget), but that’s just all that I have liked. It’s a built in budget!


Renee C Macklin Striped Graphic Blouse Stitchfix 1My first fix! If I had kept everything in this box, it would have been $242 (with the 25% off discount). I ended up keeping the piece that I hated on site. When I paired it with brown boots and a burgundy skirt, I suddenly loved it. This is the Renee C Macklin Striped Graphic Print Blouse, and it was $58.


Margaret M- Emer Jacquard Print High Waisted Cropped Pant Stitchfix 2With Stitchfix number two, I kind of had the same experience as the first time. I thought I would hate these pants, I almost didn’t try them on. Navy and black together? Who does that? Cropped? I’m 5’3″, surely they’ll be a weird length. Well, wrong again. The Stitchfix elves I have previously mentioned got the perfect fit. The pattern is subtle and can be a neutral.  These are the Margaret M Emer Jacquard Print High Waisted Cropped Pant, and they were $98. They fit well and I think they’re worth it. This entire box would have been $249.50.


Just Black- Jimmy Ankle Length Skinny Jean Stitchfix 3In my third Stitchfix, there were some really cute shirts. Previous shirts had shown too much skin, which I did not want for the office. These were all just kind of off. Luckily, I had just ripped my skinny jeans and the Just Black- Jimmy Ankle Length Skinny Jean arrived! The length was good and I like the color and fit. For $88 they weren’t cheap, but I’m sure that’s below average for Stitchfix jeans. I didn’t keep the receipt for this entire box, sorry!


I hope everyone has a great rest of the day! If anyone wants to try Stitchfix, here is my referral link 🙂


Why I Love Stitchfix

FullSizeRender1 - Copy listing of prices for stitchfix items

What’s that? You like my outfit? That’s because something I’m wearing came from Stitchfix (or Modcloth, but that’s a different post for a different day or you’ll lose me quickly). I am the worst shopper in the world, and hate to go near a clothing store. Stitchfix is my personal sanity fix because someone chooses the clothes for you, tells you how to wear them, and ships them to your doorstep. On the chance you haven’t heard, this is how Stitchfix works:

  • Sign up (preferably with my referral link, but no pressure and fill out your profile. Somehow after having me rate what I thought of pictures, asking about my style (which I don’t really have), and taking my sizes, they are magically able to send me stuff that fits and that I like. I have no idea how. I cannot find things in stores that are the right size, and I know myself. They don’t. I think they have magical elves there. You also have the option to create a dedicated board on Pinterest, which I like. That way they see clothes you want, and you can even put pictures of yourself so they know what you look like.
  • Pick a date to get a box sent to you (sometimes they have a waiting list). You can sign up for just one time or recurring at an interval you choose. You have to give a credit card number and will be charged $20 as a styling fee when the box ships. If you keep anything, this $20 is taken off the price of that item. If you don’t, you lose the styling fee. Since shipping is free both ways, it seems to me this would just pay for shipping if you didn’t like anything (which has not happened to me yet in four shipments).
  • Wait to be amazed!

When your “fix” arrives, it will have five items in it. Typically one piece is jewelry and the other four are clothing, but I requested no jewelry. You can request anything you want. You can even change it every time, like if you need a dress ask for all dresses, etc. You try everything on, mix and match with what you have, and try suggestions from the cards they send. Then you fill out a form online, giving feedback on each item so they can know your taste better for next time. If you keep everything you get 25% off. If not, you just pay for what you like. Whatever you don’t want has to be sent back in the envelope they provide within three days. You just drop it in a regular mailbox, no special trip to UPS.

The part where blog stalking comes in is that many things Stitchfix has are exclusive to Stitchfix, or hard to find. When your package ships you can view a list of what’s in it, but there are no pictures. What?! I have to know. I have to know now! Surprises are coming! I have to ruin it and know now! That’s when I Google the name of what I’m getting and search for bloggers that received what I did and put up pictures. This also gives me more ideas on how to wear it.

The full picture of what I got today is above, but here are the details.

Octavia- Tina Checkered Infinity ScarfOctavia- Tina Checkered Infinity Scarf $34

This is the only thing I kept. I know, it’s a $34 scarf. But I didn’t like anything else, so at this point it’s a $14 scarf since I already paid the styling fee. I guess this is how they suck you in. However, it was really soft, and I have totally been wanting an infinity scarf (worn with a striped shirt from Levis).







41Hawthorn- Maxx Sleeveless Illusion Sheath Dress41Hawthorn- Maxx Sleeveless Illusion Sheath Dress $78

This didn’t zip. I think it’s a very cute dress. If you have a body you don’t mind showing off, it would be adorable. I do not. The forest green is pretty and the black detail are a little unique, which is what I like about Stitchfix.







Level 99- Patrick Denim TrouserLevel 99- Patrick Denim Trouser $128

I was probably never going to like these pants. They are $128, and they just look like regular denim trousers to me. However, I have tried on things before from Stitchfix that I thought I would hate and loved, so I gave them a try. They were also too small. Everything has fit before, so I’m starting to worry that I’m gaining more weight than I thought. I am posting a picture of the back pockets, in case anyone is getting them and wonders what the back looks like.





41Hawthorn- Benson 3/4 Ruched Sleeve Blazer41Hawthorn- Benson 3/4 Ruched Sleeve Blazer $78

You know, this price isn’t bad for a blazer. It’s navy, which is kind of cool. The sleeves are not full length, but close enough that they need to be either pushed up to ruche up on the arms or rolled to show the stripes. The fabric was a little casual for me for a blazer, and I already have a pink blazer with stripes where the sleeves roll up, so I decided to pass.






Tart- Milla Crew Neck Knit TopTart- Milla Crew Neck Knit Top $58

This is exactly what it looks like. It’s very soft t-shirt material, but thicker. It was thick enough to do a decent job covering my muffin top without being hot (too graphic?). I actually would have kept this, even though the price is crazy for essentially a tee shirt, but I have a very similar shirt.




If I had bought everything, it would have been $287 including the styling fee. Part of the profile is a section where you list how much you want to pay. I chose the least possible for every category, I believe. Stitchfix is more expensive than a lot of stuff I buy, but it saves me so much pain and torment. When I try to go shop for clothes in a physical store, I end up sad and wanting to cry in the dressing room. It’s worth it 🙂

I will post later about what I got in my first three shipments!