Just Bragging- Videos of the Cutest Shiba Inus

Kuma the Shiba InuI think that Shiba Inus are one of the best dog breeds out there. Are they a lot of trouble and drama? They sure are! If they’re ever off their leash, you’ll run for miles to catch them, and that’s if you’re lucky. They will manipulate you until they get their way about 30 times a day. They rarely listen if you don’t have a really good treat in your hand. I guess when you’re that cute and smart, you’re used to getting what you want. The Shiba to the left is Kuma. He is nine years old, and in a post soon I’ll tell his whole story.

Recently he acquired a little foster sister, Riley. She is four months old and I am hoping to adopt her this month after she is spayed (that is when it will be allowed). They are having a fun time getting used to each other! Here is a video of Kuma figuring out that he’s not safe from her on the bed (he thought she couldn’t get up), and one of Belle amusing herself with a ball.

Do you know any Shiba Inus? Are they the cutest things you’ve ever seen, or what? For more information about the breed, you can check out Northwest Shibas4Life. They are an awesome Shiba Inu rescue- the rescue where I got both dogs.