‘Five Photos, Five Stories’ Challenge Day 5: Portland

Alex nominated me to participate in the ‘Five Photos, Five Stories’ Challenge. I like Alex’s blog, Only Bad Chi, because it’s awesomely funny. I probably also like it because I relate to almost everything she says, which I guess is a lot of what drives us to read blogs, right?! I’m hoping this shameless flattery will help her not be mad that I’m just cutting and pasting the next part from her blog 🙂

For the challenge, I have to post a different photo for five consecutive days, and include an accompanying story (fiction or non-fiction) along with each. I also have to nominate a new blogger each day to keep the challenge going! If I nominate you, it’s completely up to you whether you participate. The only other rules are to mention the person who nominated you in your first post, and keep nominating others.

view from the tramI love living in the Pacific Northwest. I am originally from Oregon. I lived in Seattle for eight years and then came back to Oregon. I love the moderate weather, easy going people, and quick access to all sorts of beauty- mountains, rivers, valleys, the Pacific Ocean. We have it all (except warm water for swimming).

However, it’s super easy to get caught up in the daily grind and forget that you have it all. This is true of pretty much anything, but I specifically mean enjoying my surroundings.

When my friends come to visit, they always ask for recommendations on what to do. They usually get a blank stare. I’ve lived here for 10 years.

That’s just awkward. What easier way is there to let everyone know that all you do is hang out with your dogs?

I have one friend that is convinced you should always play tourist in your own town (one of the same friends that has given up on getting any good advice from me on fun things to do or places to shop that aren’t on the internet). Once in a while, we actually get motivated to get out and play tourist.

This picture was taken from the tram in Portland. It was built as transportation from the South waterfront up to a hospital, but it’s great for tourists. You get a fun ride and a great view (if it’s sunny).

You also get to feel like you “got out and did something!!!” Then you can reward yourself by going home and hanging out with your dogs some more 🙂

Seriously though, it’s almost Spring! I vow to go outside and play more.

I want to nominate Lisa from Life As Lisa Knows It to do the challenge next (no pressure if you don’t want to!)!