My Style Icons

audrey-hepburn-quotes-sayings-woman-love-eyes-lipswall quoteblack and white image found here/ color from my wall

I love to look at fashion photos. Audrey Hepburn is one of my top favorites. She had perfect, classic style and she also had a big heart. She inspires me as a person and as a fashion icon. Here are a few collages of my top favorites for inspiration! Who else should I add to the list?

audrey collage

jackie collageOliviaEmilymichelleThere are so many others that I adore, but these were the top choices on my mind. I am really into Olivia’s cape. The Limited has a Scandal collection and what’s left is on sale right now. Of course the cape is gone. There was no way I could buy it before, it was over $200 🙂 I can’t get the idea of a cape out of my mind though. Has anyone seen any great ones with no wool that are affordable?