Kuma the Shiba Inu’s Birthday 

Collage of three dogs’ pictures Yesterday was very special. We remembered our Veterans in the US, and it was also Kuma’s 12th birthday. He invited Riley and Tofu to his party, even though their energy is a little much for him. 

Riley and Tofu, playing with a ball

Riley and Tofu, fighting over a ball

Kuma’s dad brought him over, along with extra gifts. I made him his silly hat. He enjoyed his doggie churro! 

Kuma having a snack
I am so lucky to get to celebrate with such a special dog! He was my first Shiba, and will always be my baby. 

Kuma in his birthday hat
Does anyone else throw their dog a birthday party? 


Tofu, the Shiba Inu 

Tofu the Shiba Inu

Tofu at about six months with his new duds by DownDog Duds and Julius K9

A very important event that occurred last year was Tofu’s adoption. He was in a bad situation in a puppy mill, and he was offered to a rescue. I flew to Salt Lake City to pick him up from a volunteer so that he could fly home in the main cabin. He has been a wonderful brother to Riley Annabelle and now they are BFFs. 

Me and baby tofu in SLC

Meeting baby Tofu in SLC

Sad interjection- Lambeau passed away, so there will be no further updates on him. He is still greatly missed, and Tofu is not a replacement in our hearts. He is, however, the new friend that Riley needed to cope with her loss. 

Riley and Tofu

Riley (left) and Tofu

Tofu turned one in August and struggles with anxiety, but now knows how to sit, shake, high five, and lay down. He loves treats and rough housing, and dislikes car rides, the vacuum cleaner, and obeying. 

Tofu in his bow tie by Bailey and Stitch

Tofu in his bow tie by Bailey and Stitch

I can’t possibly resist his little face. Isn’t he just the cutest?! 


Tofu on the couch

Shiba Inu and cat

Adopting Riley: Shiba Puppy Princess

Riley BelleOn Friday the 16th, our adoption of a very special puppy was complete. We were lucky enough to be chosen to foster and then adopt her from Shibas4Life, a Shiba Inu rescue in Oregon.

Excerpts from Shibas4Life:

“On November 1, 2014, eight puppies were sold at auction. If we didn’t take them they would have been raised to breed their entire life; or, worse, euthanized. On November 4th we were blessed with eight beautiful puppies (with the help of Midwest Shiba Inu Rescue), and now (January 16th) we are blessed with eight wonderful families.”

“Our special gift this year is knowing that they will never be a part of the commercial breeding system that treats animals like products, through the pain and suffering of neglect and abuse.”

Baby Riley As I mentioned in Kuma’s adoption post, I love Shiba Inus. Really, all animals, but my Shibas are very special to me. J used to work from home, and Kuma was lucky enough to have him around all the time. When J took a new job, Kuma was really lonely. I started looking for a new dog to keep him company, but ran into a lot of dead ends. My preference was a rescue, but I knew that a good match for Kuma was our first priority. I had Denise at Shibas4Life on the lookout for me, but no one came up. We even fostered a wonderful Shiba female, but she wasn’t a good match for our family.

Riley was rescued from a puppy mill. The state took all of the dogs and put them up for auction in Missouri. Thankfully, Shiba rescues across the country found out and bought the dogs. The dogs that went to Shibas4Life got immediate vet care, their own room and play yard, and a lot of love. Shibas4Life searched for the perfect homes for the pups, and one of them was mine! The picture of Riley in the green chair is one I saw before I met her. She was so tiny, even an extra small collar was huge on her. She is growing like crazy. At just shy of five months, she is about 11 pounds. I am guessing she will get to be around 18-20 pounds fully grown.

Sleepy RileyNow she will spend her life lounging in the house, playing with Kuma in her own backyard, and visiting the park. She will never be hungry, cold, or over bred. She may be forced to root for the Packers, but I think she’s learning to like them. I do not yet know where all of her siblings are going, but I know that at least one that she arrived with (not from her litter) will be close enough to visit occasionally. Next summer she will go to the Shibas4Life picnic and be reunited with some of her siblings from her litter.

Next up for Riley is tackling obedience school. I signed her up at Wonder Puppy and I think she will be a master. J has already taught her how to sit!

Anyone else doing puppy training?


Adopting Kuma: Super Shiba Inu

Kuma in Sun RiverKuma is a rare color (cream, not an official AKC color) of a fairly rare breed (Shiba Inu), and we get questions about him almost every time we walk him. He gets two walks a day, so it’s quite often! He is an amazing dog, but we do try to warn people that are captivated by his stuffed animal like appearance that Shibas can be TROUBLE.

I found out about Shibas maybe 10-12 years ago, and wanted one even after researching how difficult they can be. They have cat like personalities. While very smart and easy to train, follow through is a different story. Kuma can sit, come, play hide and seek, jump through a hoop, shake, and many other things. However, if he doesn’t see a treat (and it had better be a good one), he will do none of those things. When he was younger, he escaped a few times. This is a Shiba owner’s nightmare. A Shiba does not come back when free. They run for miles and jump into traffic. Chasing a ball at the park is a pipe dream. It is just not safe at all. These little foxes cannot be trusted. I have Googled “where to buy a dog catcher’s net”. I kid you not.

Kuma and JIt’s all worth it. Seven and a half years ago I was still dog-less, and finally got the okay to go look at a Shiba. I had seen Kuma available at the local Shiba Inu rescue, Shibas4Life. I’m not sure what exactly my husband (boyfriend at the time) was thinking, because I’m pretty sure he didn’t want a dog. When we met Kuma, this standoffish dog crawled right into his lap. The president of the rescue said she had never seen anything like that happen before. The rescue required us to go home and think it over, but we ended up deciding he had to come home with us. Kuma has J wrapped around his little paw.

I love that we got him through a rescue. We still talk about how we can’t believe anyone would give up such a perfect dog, and how lucky we got. Shibas4Life has been an amazing resource. They have answered every question I’ve ever had along the way, and that has gone a long way towards making our little fluffbear the dog he is today. Shibas are precocious and loyal, and Kuma is the best dog I could ever hope for!

Kuma and TommyI have known many Shibas that my cat didn’t approve of, but he and Kuma were good friends. Shibas can be great with cats.

He is also doing well with the puppy that we are fostering. It took him a while to warm up, but now I think he is enjoying having a young playmate.

If you want to talk about Shibas or Shiba rescue, let me know!


Just Bragging- Videos of the Cutest Shiba Inus

Kuma the Shiba InuI think that Shiba Inus are one of the best dog breeds out there. Are they a lot of trouble and drama? They sure are! If they’re ever off their leash, you’ll run for miles to catch them, and that’s if you’re lucky. They will manipulate you until they get their way about 30 times a day. They rarely listen if you don’t have a really good treat in your hand. I guess when you’re that cute and smart, you’re used to getting what you want. The Shiba to the left is Kuma. He is nine years old, and in a post soon I’ll tell his whole story.

Recently he acquired a little foster sister, Riley. She is four months old and I am hoping to adopt her this month after she is spayed (that is when it will be allowed). They are having a fun time getting used to each other! Here is a video of Kuma figuring out that he’s not safe from her on the bed (he thought she couldn’t get up), and one of Belle amusing herself with a ball.

Do you know any Shiba Inus? Are they the cutest things you’ve ever seen, or what? For more information about the breed, you can check out Northwest Shibas4Life. They are an awesome Shiba Inu rescue- the rescue where I got both dogs.