My Stitchfix Stash

stitchfix boxI love things that are easy. Easy and cute= definitely my favorite. This defines Stitchfix for me. Just as a catch up, I’m going to post what I kept from my first three “fixes”. The first thing you get is this cute box that tells you everything you need to do. Then your new pieces are nicely wrapped up, with the notes from your stylist and the price list. It wasn’t intentional, but I have kept one item from each fix so far. I know that some people make it a goal to just keep one piece (to stay on budget), but that’s just all that I have liked. It’s a built in budget!


Renee C Macklin Striped Graphic Blouse Stitchfix 1My first fix! If I had kept everything in this box, it would have been $242 (with the 25% off discount). I ended up keeping the piece that I hated on site. When I paired it with brown boots and a burgundy skirt, I suddenly loved it. This is the Renee C Macklin Striped Graphic Print Blouse, and it was $58.


Margaret M- Emer Jacquard Print High Waisted Cropped Pant Stitchfix 2With Stitchfix number two, I kind of had the same experience as the first time. I thought I would hate these pants, I almost didn’t try them on. Navy and black together? Who does that? Cropped? I’m 5’3″, surely they’ll be a weird length. Well, wrong again. The Stitchfix elves I have previously mentioned got the perfect fit. The pattern is subtle and can be a neutral.  These are the Margaret M Emer Jacquard Print High Waisted Cropped Pant, and they were $98. They fit well and I think they’re worth it. This entire box would have been $249.50.


Just Black- Jimmy Ankle Length Skinny Jean Stitchfix 3In my third Stitchfix, there were some really cute shirts. Previous shirts had shown too much skin, which I did not want for the office. These were all just kind of off. Luckily, I had just ripped my skinny jeans and the Just Black- Jimmy Ankle Length Skinny Jean arrived! The length was good and I like the color and fit. For $88 they weren’t cheap, but I’m sure that’s below average for Stitchfix jeans. I didn’t keep the receipt for this entire box, sorry!


I hope everyone has a great rest of the day! If anyone wants to try Stitchfix, here is my referral link 🙂