Essential Oils for Dogs

I once saw my sister put a few drops of oil on her crazy hyper boxer/ lab/ pitbull mix and I was shocked to see Bailey calm down in maybe a minute. I had never seen anything like it, and I had been close to this dog for a long time. That moment was when I started to think it would be worth trying on myself. Yes, that’s right. I translate results on a dog to myself. What can I say? I love animals! I think animals are much more honest with themselves about their bodies than we are, they follow their instincts. We explain everything away until we’re not sure what works and what doesn’t. Bailey’s calming blend is Stress Away, Lavender, and carrier oil; but there are so many other great things to try. For my Shiba Inus, I swear by T-Away. My friends and I call it doggo magic oil. For my two anxiety ridden rescue dogs, it calms them right down and helps ease their fears of strangers and loud barking. My neighbors appreciate it.

Before you get started, please read the info in the top graphics about precautions and starting slow. Also, check out the dilution chart below. To dilute an oil, simply mix it with a carrier oil. A carrier oil is typically a vegetable or nut oil of your choice. My personal favorite is sweet almond oil, but you can use almost anything. I don’t dilute my T-Away, because it comes diluted and my dogs are very fluffy. I would dilute it further if they were short haired, but I just take a drop and rub it behind their ears.


My favorite story that I’ve heard lately is of a friend that started using essential oils on felt pads as scent markers for his newly blind Shiba Inu, O-ren. By putting small felt pads on the walls in areas where she was having trouble finding her way, and adding a different oil to each location, he was able to help her navigate again. She was hitting her head on a wall frequently, and now she doesn’t anymore! He puts a drop on each of the two pads every other day, and she feels safe. A 5ml bottle of essential oil has around 85 drops in it, so a bottle used for this purpose would last five to six months. Another really cool thing is, she also gets the benefits that the oils themselves give her (of course, if you were to do this, you would want to research which oils were safe and beneficial for your dog to breathe in). Please contact me if you have any questions about using oils with your dogs!

Essential oils can be used to make almost any product you currently use for your dogs, but you will end up with a product that you know is safe and improving their health. Rachel Rice worked with the Happy Oilers to create these graphics for all of us to enjoy! Let me know if you try any of these recipes. I have used quite a few myself, and I love them! If you would like to purchase essential oils, check out my info page on how to order, or just click here to sign up directly!

courage spray recipes

Check out my disclaimer page for more info on treating medical conditions.

Are there any other recipes you would be interested in seeing for your dog?