Humidity- a Short Poem 

Mountain View

She grasped my hand for

The first time. Tentatively,

Unsure if she feared my pulling away,

Or that I would stay.


In broad daylight, the scandal felt

More dangerous, heavier, truer

Than it had in my head.


Fears, love, pride all raced.

I think she felt it too- her voice starting

Awkward excuses that she knew

Didn’t ring quite true.


Just as quickly as we had been more,

We were once again two

Friends walking down the street.


**I’m not sure if this picture properly portrays the sticky, humid heat that I’m going for here. What do you think?


A Friday Eve Poetry Interlude

Seattle SunsetA friend took this picture of the sun over downtown Seattle. It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, so I thought I would pair it up with a few poems and hope that it gives you a pick me up!

I am feeling a bit dreamy today, and getting excited for a few days off and starting my yoga binge!




poem- untitledjumbled,

flowing from my mouth~

is my love for you

pouring far too quickly

for you to catch it

and make it worth my while




poem- indecisionindecision

it has always been easy

to find a reason to leave

i’m searching for perfection

in someone else

that i can’t find in myself

when it would be sweet

to just remember

why i want to stay

A Few Old Poems for a New Week

Poetry JournalIn my minimalism purge, I came across my poetry journal and thought I would share a few. I feel a little naked doing this, so I probably won’t post a ton. Let me know what you think! Do any of you like to write poetry?

I go through phases. I won’t write at all for months, and suddenly I’ll feel inspired and just scribble out a few for no apparent reason.







a simple smile from you

calms my spirit

yet heats up my body

until it will boil over

if i am further deprived of your touch






just like the waves

of the tumbling ocean

you are unpredictable

sometimes you rush to me

but just as sneakily you pull away

how can i believe that

the pattern will break?

when i suspect that only i will