Vacation in Cabo San Lucas 

Waves, sand, and sunsetIt’s funny, it all started with an email about cheap tickets to Iceland. 

I immediately texted my friend K and asked if I could buy us tickets to Iceland. I think her exact words were something like “wtf?!?”. 

She wasn’t exactly out, but she did say that Iceland in December seemed like a very cold idea. Fair enough. After some talking and research, we definitely wanted a vacation and could afford something not too out of control- we decided on Mexico, and September ended up being the cheapest tickets. 

One of the amazing views from Mt. Solmar

One of the amazing views from Mt. Solmar

I haven’t been on vacation in years. And traveling with K was wonderful. She lives in a different city than I do, so we don’t get to see other that often. We did things and had a great time, but there was no pressure! I got to take naps and just chat with her all that I wanted, without feeling like I was making her miss out on vacation. She is also a big fan of naps. 

Chilled young coconut

A chilled coconut before your nap= epic. Travel diffuser and oils along with it… can’t be beat!

I have always wanted to go parasailing, and I’ve never been. I was beyond excited when K said that she wanted to go, too! Yay! Definitely go if you have the chance. I was really worried about getting sunburnt while up in the air, but I made it! 


Parasailing with the happiest parachute

K wanted to go hiking. I like the idea in theory, but reality is that it’s so hot and muggy that we had to get up at something like 5am (I’ve blocked out the exact time- it was very traumatizing) to not have a heat stroke. Guess what, though? It was completely worth it, and not even that hot. If you go: the base of Mt. Solmar is on a man named Enrique’s property. We walked there from our hotel on the other side of the marina. We had asked a few different people for directions. You have to walk out of tourist land and past a military base, then open this total stranger’s fence and walk on to his property (which is also a doggie daycare, and there are dogs everywhere). 

If you’re brave enough to get past all of that, your reward will be hiking the mountain and glorious views! When you come back down you will see the box where you leave your tip for Enrique. 

J and k’s hiking shoes
Our other main activity (besides eating guacamole, which we tried very hard to do at every meal. The best guac we found was at La Casa Country) was a sunset booze cruise. More amazing views. The drinks were not amazing, but we had a great time and enjoyed several anyway. We’re super brave like that. 

SunsetThe Arch

The next place that I really want to go is Greece. Do you have any dream trips in mind?