Holiday Gift Guide – the Dreaded Man Gifts

gifts for men

#1 Tequila shot glasses made of Himalayan sea salt!! So cool! This would be a great gift with his favorite bottle of tequila and some limes.

#2 Anything with his favorite team on it from the NFL Shop. Well. Really you should probably only do this if his favorite team is the Packers. They are the only team that matters!!

#3 The best party game ever. The guy probably has nothing in his place but beer and an X-Box. Get him Cards Against Humanity.

#4 A cute doormat, but looks manly enough to not get you thrown out.

#5 I think this is super cool. A wooden beer caddy! I’m a little skeptical if a guy would use it or think it’s just stupid, so if any guys want to chime in here, let me know! Maybe I should just buy it for myself…

#6 Man crates are pretty cool if you want the wow factor. They are really expensive though, so it depends what you’re going for. This might be something you could do yourself, if you’re crafty.

Did anyone find anything really cool? I can’t say on here what I actually bought 🙂

❤ Jillian

The 12th Man -or- When Non Football Fans Prepare for Superbowl

Seahawks manicureI changed the name to protect the naive before I took this screenshot 🙂 These are the messages I had on my phone this morning when I came out of a meeting. I nearly fell over laughing.

For those who can’t see the picture, first we have a picture of a blue manicure. One nail has the number 12 on it. Then we have two messages:

I got my nails redone for Jordan!

Which player is number 12? She already did it when I noticed and I didn’t want to complain….. I hope it’s the one he likes

I think this is fantastic for many reasons. First of all, as a huge football fan, it greatly amuses me that she has no idea that the number 12 represents the Seahawks fan. However, it’s much more than that.

She doesn’t like football AT ALL. This year, she has reluctantly decided to take a bit (very little bit, obviously) of interest for two reasons. One, I gave her a big pep talk about how since she loves both drinking and eating snacks, she really needed to reconsider football. Even if she wasn’t interested, it’s a great excuse to drink at any hour on Sunday and eat whatever you want. That peaked her interest.

The real motivator though, is she has a boyfriend that she really cares about. She wants to take an interest in what he loves, just like he does for her. So, football it is. Lucky for him, his team made the Superbowl. Unlucky for me… no. Never mind. I can’t even talk about the Packers right now.

I love that we can all come together for the tradition of Superbowl. Most of us are watching, whether we care about football or not. We’re all hanging out and enjoying each other with talking, laughing, and eating. We’re learning new things, like why the heck someone would paint the number 12 on our nails when we just asked for a Seahawks manicure. Do I love when people are talking during the game because they think the real show is commercials? NO! But at least for one day, we can all enjoy it together; and no one will tell me to turn off the tv.

Who’s ready for Superbowl Sunday?!?!


Pretty Birthday Gifts

birthday giftsLast week was my birthday, and I was showered with beautiful gifts! I thought I would share some with you, just in case anyone wants to add them to their wish list!

Starting with the bag: Coach Scout Hobo. This beauty was a gift from J. I have been looking forever for a pale yellow handbag and everyone at work is super envious. Between this and my puppy, I am not really even safe to leave my desk anymore.

I can’t begin to imagine where this adorable bear dish came from, but I got it from my dear friend K, and I put it on my bookshelf and filled it with my bracelets. I adore bears, so this is perfect!

A bit of Packers gear from J. The soft helmet was my good luck charm through most of last weekend’s game, but it couldn’t hold out through the end 😦 This plush football folds out and becomes a cow!! Super fun!

The last picture is three of the same body butter- Brazil Nut from the Body Shop. Panda gave me a gift card, and I stocked up. I adore this scent, sometimes I open it and just breathe it in. The Shibas also like to lick it off me, which can be a little creepy. I have to be careful around those tricksters.

love from momSome of the best gifts are experiences and love. I got a lot of that, too! This screenshot is a Facebook message from my mom 🙂 Can’t you just feel the long distance hug? My aunt surprised me by showing up at my work with gifts. What a nice surprise to see a loved one on your birthday (she also gave me an amazing orange fleece jacket)! My dad called me the night before to sing me happy birthday. I’m feeling the love.

By the way, isn’t it funny that my gifts are a mix of super girly and Packers stuff? That cracks me up. It’s pretty much a description of my life.


more birthday giftsMy friend MK gave me this cool Packers infinity scarf, which I love! The body butter and nail polish were gifts that came with the SPA DAY that my sister surprised me with. I am not kidding you guys, she knows how to hook a girl up. She got us facials and mani/pedis, along with these spa gifts; and took me to one of my favorite vegan places (Native Foods). It was so great to hang out with her and be pampered! My boss was out of town, but sent me these pretty flowers. I also received this Kate Spade Idiom bracelet from M (likely due to my not so subtle hint in this post!). Isn’t it just lovely stacked with my other bracelets?


Jillian and RileyFinally, the gift that I bought for myself- on my birthday, my adoption of Miss Riley Annabelle was complete! She is a part of our little family forever now, and I could not ask for a better birthday gift. Thank you to Denise at Shibas4Life for making it possible.

A few more gift ideas: I received a magazine subscription, which is cool because it’s a gift you keep getting all year long. A coworker wrote me an email about how much she likes working with me- how sweet is that? Another coworker brought me a smoothie book because she “didn’t want to derail my diet with a cupcake”. Gestures like these don’t have to cost much (or anything), but are so special. What is your favorite birthday gift you’ve received?


My Top Five Green Bay Packers Moments of 2014

Lacy versus AustinI am so excited for Sunday’s playoff match-up between the Packers and Cowboys! My coworker and I got into a little battle this morning about who is going to win (picture edited to remove my company logo). Obviously I remain in full support of my beloved Packers. N is representing Miles Austin and I am representing Eddie Lacy. I have cheese on my head, so (clearly) I win.

I thought it would be fun to post about my top five favorite Packers moments this year. Here goes…

  1. Aaron Rodgers comes back into the game in week 17 versus the Lions. This was my favorite game of the season. With the division riding on the game and the Packers ahead 14-0, Rodgers went down and was brought into the locker room. Their lead quickly disappeared and the game was tied up. I wasn’t even watching the game live, but was getting text messages from a friend across the country that had the broadcast. When she told me Rodgers was putting his helmet back on, I just couldn’t believe it. Watching it after the fact- I was just so proud of his grit. That’s why we Packers fans love him!
  2. The Packers’ big win over the Patriots in week 13. I don’t say big because it was a blowout, because it was close. I say it because this game meant so much to our Packers pride and had so much build up. The fourth quarter sack, Lacy’s incredible running game, Nelson’s 45 yard touchdown catch; I was on the edge of my couch cushion 🙂
  3. Domination of the Bears (week 4 and week 10). These games were blowouts, which isn’t as fun to watch. However, I am still holding a serious grudge against the Bears over last year’s collarbone incident. It made me extremely happy to see them fall to the Packers, unsportsmanlike of me that may be. Note- I also wasn’t sure how I would feel about Peppers becoming a Packer, but seeing him play for Green Bay has actually been fantastic!
  4. Nelson, Cobb, Lacy, Matthews- they are all so fun to watch in every single game. Are they on fire or what?! The new rookies are all incredible. The team this year is my favorite in the last several years.
  5. Their comeback after getting off to a rough start at the beginning of the season. Rodgers rallied everyone and pulled off four great games after two hard losses to the Seahawks and the Eagles.

I am very excited for tomorrow’s game, and hoping that we will be moving on to the next round! This has been a fantastic year for the Packers and I don’t want to see it end. Anyone else out there follow football? I like my girly make-up and handbags, but I love football just as much.