Simplify Sunday- the Great Room

living room 1I was really nervous about starting with the kitchen minimalizing task, and honestly intended to put it off. I thought I would do the living room and dining room (including the bar cabinet), and call it good for the week. I am in love with all of my dishes! I started with the living room, and it was way too easy. I moved onto the bar cabinet pretty quickly. I recycled a magazine I had read and a ton of recipes that I had never used. Going through all of the recipes was awesome because it inspired me to try some that I had forgotten about!

living room 2All that I could find in there to donate was a water pitcher, but I did find things to relocate to places where they would be used- throw pillows and candles. Then I was motivated enough to do the kitchen! I was actually pleasantly surprised how much I use almost everything. I found some old food to throw away and a few duplicates to combine (chocolate chips and oats that I buy in bulk), but only a Cuisinart attachment, a serving spoon I’ve never used, and dog harness Riley has outgrown to donate.

Guess what this means?!?!?! The whole upstairs of my house has been minimalized! I am so happy about this. J think I’m nuts, but he was extremely pleased that I organized the kitchen cabinet full of food- so I guess we both win.

I just have one big bag to take to donate, and then I need to finish the downstairs (which includes the garage). I do tend to constantly go through things anyway, so it hasn’t been a huge task, but I still feel really great about it. I love knowing everything that I have and that it all is here for a reason.

What’s the thing you most dread going through? For me it was the papers- the recipes and the files. The dishes, though, were what I didn’t want to part with. Maybe next week I will show you pictures of my kitchen and cabinets. Everything is pretty good now, but I do need a better way to organize the “tupperware” cabinet (any tips for that?). It’s a hot mess.


Simplify Sunday- Purging the Files

filingSo, if we’re being honest, and obviously we are- I had a rough week. Nothing serious, just too little time, too little sleep, too much cold not going away. I thought to myself about how I’m behind and hadn’t prepared anything for Simplify Sunday. I thought, I am almost done with the closets! I’ll just finish that, it will be so easy.

Ah hahahahaha. First I opened the guest closet, which was all done except for the Christmas box. I had told myself that I didn’t need to go through that, since I use it all. That is only sort of true. The worst kind of lies are the kind you tell yourselves, remember that! 🙂 I opened the box. There are two people in my household, and two dogs. We need four stockings, and that’s if I’m being generous because I’m pretty sure not everyone has stockings for their pets… uhh. Putting that aside, okay, I needed to get rid of four extra stockings. I also got rid of decorations and ornaments I don’t actually like or couldn’t remember where I got them. I like these things for the memories behind them, so that was a good decision maker for me.

Once that was done, I went to the downstairs closet. I couldn’t find much to get rid of, mostly just folded some blankets. THEN I realized that my safe aka filing cabinet is in the bottom of the closet. I needed to catch up on filing, and then go through everything and purge what was out of date or garbage. Everything on the floor in the picture above was shredded if needed, and recycled. I absolutely detest going through paperwork. After that I was feeling quite pleased with myself, so I rode that high and emptied out the shredder (involves cleaning the floor because I ALWAYS spill it all over the country) and did the ironing (ironing side note- J asked me yesterday why there is a permanent basket of laundry on top of the dryer. I was not pleased with this question and decided it was clearly time to do the ironing…). I finished up by quickly going through everything that has already been done and making sure no new garbage had snuck back in. So much for my quick minimalizing!

Total donated this week: one large kitchen bag equaling $42. Recycled a huge stack of papers and got my files organized. Got several dumb chores done. Feeling pretty good!