How I Get the Easiest Curls Ever. While Sleeping.

how to gridI know I’ve mentioned before that I hate doing my hair. I want to have it both ways. I want to do nothing, and still have the cutest hair ever. It turns out it doesn’t really work that way, but I still try.

This is my story of how I accidentally figured out how to get curls in my super straight, thin hair by doing almost nothing.

Step 1: shower, comb out wet hair with a wide tooth comb. I have bangs, so I pulled those out to be blow dried.

Step 2: spray hair with some sort of texturizing spray (I use Sea Spray by Lush) and part down the middle.

productsStep 3: put in buns. I use a small ponytail holder (my hair is super thin, I’m not kidding) and pull my ponytail through halfway, then halfway again (pictures 2 & 3). Just make two sloppy buns.

Step 4: dry bangs if you have them. Go to sleep. If you have thick hair, you might need to either let your hair dry a little before putting it up, or dry it when you take it out of the buns in the morning. When I get up, I just take the hairbands out and fluff out the curls. I add the Bumble and Bumble pret-a-powder for volume in my bangs and top of my head, then scrunch the curls with more Sea Spray. Done!



curls!I’m not trying to claim this is the cutest hair in the world, but after a life of flat hair, I like having texture. I also like that I don’t have to dry my hair before bed.

Finished product!

Let me know if you try this, or have other easy hair tips for me.


You Can Host a Free Party at Lush

lush bacheloretteLush is one of the best beauty stores ever. I mentioned in this post how much I love their Big Shampoo. I am also a pretty big fan of their bath bombs and face masks. I don’t buy things there very often, because they are pretty spendy. However, the bath bombs and soaps smell so good that I put them in my drawers to make my clothes smell yummy.

I have also used Lush bars of soap to make liquid hand soap. Their products are great because they are natural, but they do use dyes. I am allergic to a few red dyes, so I have to be really careful.

popcorn lip scrubI recently got a gift card for Christmas from my friend K, and I bought a few fun things. One was the Popcorn Lip Scrub. Lip scrubs are definitely a frivolous thing, I’m pretty sure you can easily exfoliate with a washcloth. However, I am a frivolous, and my lips get chapped in the winter. You just rub a bit of this on your lips, and no more chapped lips! It also smells and tastes yummy. At some point I want to make some myself, and I will post the recipe. 

bachelorettepartySomething we found out about Lush when I got engaged was that many locations let you throw a party there after hours! My friend K and my sister planned a stop there for my bachelorette party. You reserve the store after hours, and they let you bring your own food and drinks. You need a minimum of 10 people, and each person has to purchase $25 worth of products (the rules probably change periodically). That’s it! Basically, it’s free, because you go home with the products that you choose. They did our colors with this color wheel, and gave us each a mini facial and hand exfoliation. We got to play around with the make-up and give each other makeovers. It was a super fun girl’s night- plus we were all made up when we went out afterward.

Does anyone know of other places that let you do cool private parties?


How I Made the Switch to Not Washing My Hair Every Day

Jill's hairLike most people, I have heard for years and years that it is a cardinal sin to wash your hair every day. I thought of this as some odd ideal that could never actually happen to me, like eating bread without gaining weight or working out without sweating like a man.

I have thin, fine, oily hair. Sometimes I have bangs. Skipping a day washing my hair was a disaster- greasy and embarrassing. I heard that you just needed to wait it out. Try washing every other day for a few weeks and your hair will adjust. Nope. I just went around for a week and a half with greasy hair every other day until I cracked.

Next go around I tried washing my hair at night instead of in the morning, to ease in. This has the added bonus of having one less excuse to not work out after work (don’t want to wash your hair after? well, you were going to anyway!) and sleeping in a bit before work. This was hard too, my bangs would be gross before the afternoon.

That was when I discovered what it seems now that everyone knows except me. You want to put more products in your hair! I thought less is more, I was wrong. Here is what I currently use:

hair arsenal sephora tools










Lush Big Shampoo

Alba Hawaiian Conditioner, Cocoa Butter (Amazon affiliate link- I will receive a small commission if you buy from this link)

Bumble and Bumble pret-a-powder

Bumble and Bumble Straight Blow Dry

Bumble and Bumble Texture Hair(un)dressing Creme

Round brush and wide tooth comb by Sephora

Big shampooI know I’m supposed to use matching shampoo and conditioner, but I am what I am 🙂 I am a huge fan now of Lush’s Big shampoo. It’s $26, but when they tell you it lasts for a long time they’re not kidding. I was skeptical, but I have medium length hair and one container lasts me 5-6 months. I just opened my third one of the year two days ago. I used to go through a bottle of the $4 stuff once a month, so it’s actually about the same price! I just use a tiny bit and rub it all over my scalp, then barely work the suds through the rest of my hair to not dry it out. This is how much I use every other day. Note- I have tried the matching Big conditioner. I hated it. I got so many tangles and the smell was way too much with both. It gets some great reviews, but it didn’t work for me.

I just condition like a normal person. I love the Alba Organics conditioner because it de-tangles but doesn’t weigh down my hair. Scent is also really important to me, and the cocoa butter smell is heaven to me. After the shower I de-tangle with the wide tooth comb and mix about a dime size amount each of the straight blow dry and texture cream. I apply it like my shampoo.The straight blow dry does a great job taming frizz, but it’s really heavy for my hair. Mixing it half and half with the texture cream gives it more body. I can really tell a difference when I use these products- just a little bit in my hair having body, but more in my blow out lasting more than a day.

The last part is the pret-a-powder. This stuff is the best thing that has ever happened to my hair, I’m not exaggerating at all. I sprinkle a little in my bangs at at the roots along the front of my hair line, and work it into my hair until it disappears. Along with it goes the grease! It is around $25 as well, but I have had my bottle for a year and it’s not even half way gone.

I still don’t love my hair, so if you have any styling suggestions for fine hair, please let me know! I am so much happier now that I have some clues on how to cut down on washing. It leaves my hair healthier and gives me more time to sleep!