Simplify Sunday- My Dresser

Dresser BeforeLast week I posted a picture of my guest room, with some thoughts about my dresser. This is a close up of the dresser. I wasn’t sure if I liked the veil over the mirror. I got some feedback from readers that it would look better if I put the records away, and the idea to frame the veil. I like the frame idea, but I want to use it as a backdrop for something else and haven’t quite figured it out yet. For now, I reorganized a bit and went through the clothes in there. It only holds socks, tights, and work out clothes; none of which count for a capsule wardrobe by most accounts. Still, I like to keep everything as minimal as possible, and this seemed like a quick start for organization.

The dresser itself was a gift from my grandmother. It is part of a set that she has had for years, and I love having a part of her in my home. I sanded off the original paint, which was olive green and very worn. I spray painted it almond, switched out the handles, and lined the drawers in cute shelf paper. It is so fun to see things evolve and continue their usefulness. I like to see things be reused instead of thrown out. I wish I had before and after pictures! However, I do have the after picture of this week’s project.

Dresser AfterWhat do you think? I heard a quote once about how after you get dressed you should remove one accessory. I need to remember that more, because I think this looks much better now.

Here’s what I am going to donate:

  • one new pair of slipper socks that just feel weird on my feet
  • two pairs of trouser socks that I have never ever worn and for some dumb reason have kept for years
  • knee socks that I feel ridiculous in
  • two pairs of work out pants I never use
  • a bandana

Do you have any furniture that has been handed down? The problem with things like this is then you feel you can’t get rid of them if they no longer fit your lifestyle. However, I love my dresser! I would be happy to see my (as of now non-existent) daughter use it someday.