Simplify Sunday- Use it or Lose it

  Someone awesome gave me this roll of duct tape for Christmas. I do realize that sounds ridiculous, but I love the Packers and I actually needed some duct tape. One of my dogs (offender pictured here) had chewed up this gate- to the point where I worried the bar would snap. The gate is meant to be more of a reminder to people not to let the dogs out than an actual foolproof deterrent, but still. Holes are not good! 

So, I went ahead and classed up the apartment by “repairing” the gate with Packers themed duct tape. For related reasons (Lambeau likes to crawl into the fireplace), I used the duct tape to cover the opening to the fireplace with cardboard. 

The gifter came over this week, and remarked that he was so glad I was using the tape. I told him that I loved it! Then he expanded on his point, and I realized that wasn’t what he had been getting at. 

He said that he would probably have just saved it because he liked it so much, and then brought up that he tends to save things like samples for a trip or something special. Then those occasions never come and they expire. 

I definitely used to be like that! When he said that, I remembered how I used to save everything for the future. You know what happens? Products and food expire, clothes that are saved for special occasions go out of style or no longer fit, your tastes change and (gasp) maybe you don’t even like the Packers anymore so you throw the duct tape away. The special dishes for guests get broken in a move or just sit around collecting dust.

One day I just realized that the special day is TODAY. I should use and enjoy it now. It sounds trite, but life really is too short. I used to force myself to use lotions I had been given with scents I didn’t like. I didn’t want to waste them! I would save the scents that made me happy for after those I didn’t like were gone. It takes months to use a container of lotion! What am I doing? Am I running a freaking lotion conservatory here?! I’m robbing myself of a moment of joy every time I smell the lotion, and replacing it with a grimace. 

It’s just stupid. Use what you like now. Live your life to the fullest. Use your best dishes for your family. Who is more special than them? While you’re at it, get rid of the dishes you use every day that you don’t even like but they are cheap. Or, if these dishes really are too expensive to enjoy using without stress, display them. 

If you have duct tape that you want to display, I have plenty of ideas for that, too. 😀


Lumosity. It’s a Problem. 

train game
In August, K came to visit. It was glorious! One thing she left me with was an addiction to Lumosity.

It’s kind of just another phone app, but it’s supposed to be good for your brain. Hey, I’ll take something that makes me smarter!

There is a free option, which is what I have. The free option gives you three games a day, and they choose them for you.

Here’s where I get into trouble. There is a game with trains. The goal is to get each train into the station that it matches. I am so obsessed with this game (and my use of the word obsession here is not in the typical blog sense of “oh it’s a trend that I like”). When this game comes up, I cannot stop playing it. It can go on for over an hour.

K has asked me if I am going to buy the paid version. First of all, it’s really pretty expensive. Second of all, I MUST be saved from myself. This is ridiculous.

The burning question is- do any of you play this? Do you know about the train game? I’m on the last level, but it doesn’t seem to be possible to beat it. They just keep adding more trains! Does it ever end? I don’t know how to cut the cord!

Oh, and just as your reward for reading this far, I give you this conversation, where I confess my worst mistake of the day:



Adult Coloring Books

adult coloring book

Okay, I’m going to just say this right now. When I first heard the phrase “adult coloring book” I wondered why everyone was so into porn coloring books. When I figured out what was really going on, I felt like the creepiest person ever for thinking that. Then I told my friend that I bought one and she was like umm is that like a coloring book of naked people?

I think this proves either that these things are horribly named, or maybe just that my friends get me.

Anyway, the more I researched it and saw how many people said coloring was so fun and relaxing, I totally wanted to try it. Obviously I looked on Amazon, because whoever invented Amazon Prime completely owns my soul. There were tons of options, and it was hard to choose. I finally picked this cool animal one.

At first when I flipped through it, I was a little anxious about how small the spaces were. This is what I do. I take something relaxing and make it stressful. Notice how the markers are in rainbow order? That’s my idea of how to to relax 😛

Once I started coloring, I did get pretty into it. It’s totally relaxing, and the small spaces make it so you can’t think about anything else. You should try it!

Have you tried coloring lately? What’s your favorite book?

❤ Jillian

Weekend Update- Staycation

My dear friend and bear, K, came to visit last weekend. She arrived Thursday night and we ran all over the place. We did way too much shopping and had so many delicious snacks.

Our Snickertinis at Bartini– my new favorite happy hour. $4 martinis and a huge menu of food, including fondue. snickertinis

I hate beer, I really do. However, a nice guy was handing out samples of this at Cost Plus and umm I just can’t even tell you. It really tastes like cherries. It’s amazing. cherry beer 

This one actually happened last weekend. J and I went to a picnic to benefit Shiba Inu rescue, and he won an awesome gift basket in the auction. On Saturday he gave me this super cool clock by Modern Moose from the basket! 

Desserts from the awesome Papa Hadyn on NW 23rd. K got the bourbon ball and sparkling wine, and I got baked Alaska. I had always wanted to try it, and it did not disappoint!desserts

We spent some time Sunday afternoon at Powell’s, the world’s best bookstore. I bought three books, but this was the one that got away. Next time!     powell's 

My grandma turned 90 today, so we had a party yesterday to celebrate.  grandma gladys
K’s survival kit for the train. Whipped cream vodka, gummy bears, and 7-Up. Nice ending to the weekend!emergency kit 

Something else I tried that I had always heard was great was Sizzle Pie. They had three vegan options out for slices. I could not believe it. They also do half slices, so I got to try two flavors. No picture because it disappeared in a flash! The flavors I tried were crazy- one had marinara, sweet onion, and nutritional yeast. The other had tofu, hashbrowns, chiles, fake bacon, and olive oil. I am probably missing some toppings, but it was nuts. Go try it if there is one near you!

❤️ Jillian

My Favorite Search Terms for My Blog 

blog stats
Truth be told, I hardly ever look at my stats page. Google Analytics is really cool, and seeing how many people are looking at what on my site is fun. The thing is, it’s kind of a lot of pressure.

When I start looking, I wonder why something I wrote didn’t get many views and something else did. I question why I write absurd things on the Internet.

However, there is a bright spot!! I love to see what search terms bring people to my site.

Here are some of my favorites that have brought people to my little corner (along with my reactions).

I lost weight with happy herbivore (haha I wish but I will get there)

shibainu amazing (Yes. Yes, they are!!)

my bucket list before I turn 35 (aww, crap, I’m getting way too close to 35. I need to work on that list)

childfree 2015 (WHAT? Is that a thing?! Did I start a revolution?)

myself as a sunrise (I have no idea what this means. At all. But maybe it’s a poem?)

how to sex myself (okay, I KNOW I did not write about that)

the bartender loves you (yup. Drink up, readers)

spirit animal sun bear (this person should be my friend)

need a stylist for myself (oh, honey, so do I)

Tupperware myself (okay, what? Are you making your own Tupperware, or wearing it like clothes? Either way I want pictures)

I want more silly search terms. I need entertainment 🙂 Also, if we’re trying to learn from this- I definitely noticed more people came to my blog looking for pictures of Stitchfix clothes than anything else. Stitchfix is amazing!