Simplify Sunday- Success

Gorgeous Seattle Day

The Simplify Sunday series is going to be about minimalism in every area of life. Today it is about simplifying my thinking and how I define success. It’s funny how you don’t realize the ideas that are running around in your brain until you truly think about it.

Recently, a friend and I were discussing my blog entry on My Stitchfix Stash. She mentioned how crazy it is that we have reached a point in life where I can buy $98 pants and she can buy $50 shirts (something that had happened earlier this year that we marveled over); and that we have come a long way.

My first reaction to this was guilt. It was hard for me to even post the prices of that stuff. I feel like I shouldn’t be spending the money, I should be buying something less expensive. It is great to be able to buy things that I like and be able to pay for them, but that doesn’t feel like success to me. You know what success does feel like to me? Freedom. Is this tied to money? Sure, in many ways- but not in all of them.

I now have the freedom to take a weekend off and visit Seattle. I took the picture above on a run around Lake Union, and looking at that gorgeous view feels so relaxing, even now.

Jillian and KumaIt’s the feeling of not having to go to the second job I had for so many years after work. Instead, I can take my dog to the park and know that I can pay my bills. I can run and play with him and feel free.





Jillian and Baby AI am a worrier. This isn’t my baby, but I have worried that if I had a baby I wouldn’t be able to provide for them. I am just now getting to the point where I can simply be. I don’t need to worry as much, I have been able to save some for retirement, and I’m sure I could get another job if I lost mine. I could have that baby that I’ve been wanting, and be able to support them just fine. I still obsess about retirement, but I know that I’m doing what I can and I need to let it go.

This is what success feels like to me. It’s a little bit of guilt, over becoming middle class after a lifetime of struggling. Why me and not someone else? Primarily, though, it is freeing. I can go to the store and buy organic produce and not worry about paying the electric bill. I can save for the future, which takes away some of my anxiety. It turns out, in my mind success is just the feeling of freedom. That’s what I was looking for all this time. I thought it was more money and a better career, but it was all mental. I need to work on simplifying my thinking and remembering what really makes me happy.

What does success look like to you?


Just Bragging- Videos of the Cutest Shiba Inus

Kuma the Shiba InuI think that Shiba Inus are one of the best dog breeds out there. Are they a lot of trouble and drama? They sure are! If they’re ever off their leash, you’ll run for miles to catch them, and that’s if you’re lucky. They will manipulate you until they get their way about 30 times a day. They rarely listen if you don’t have a really good treat in your hand. I guess when you’re that cute and smart, you’re used to getting what you want. The Shiba to the left is Kuma. He is nine years old, and in a post soon I’ll tell his whole story.

Recently he acquired a little foster sister, Riley. She is four months old and I am hoping to adopt her this month after she is spayed (that is when it will be allowed). They are having a fun time getting used to each other! Here is a video of Kuma figuring out that he’s not safe from her on the bed (he thought she couldn’t get up), and one of Belle amusing herself with a ball.

Do you know any Shiba Inus? Are they the cutest things you’ve ever seen, or what? For more information about the breed, you can check out Northwest Shibas4Life. They are an awesome Shiba Inu rescue- the rescue where I got both dogs.


Welcome To My World


Hi, I’m Jillian. I have a husband- we”ll call him J. I am owned by two Shiba Inus. The puppy above- Riley (she is almost four months old), and her brother, Kuma (nine years old). Kuma, Riley, and I love the Packers. J, not so much. I like to talk about bears, dogs, cooking, running, nail polish, napping… really, whatever strikes my fancy. I am about to turn 34 and am realizing that now is the time to embrace life at it’s fullest. Some goals for this year are to get out more, be in full control of my finances and organization, and to lose 40-50 pounds. I plan to blog about all of these adventures as I go.