I Inherited a Child! Sort of. 

brother bearI did something pretty crazy. My little brother just graduated high school, and I decided to let him come and live with me while he looks for a job and saves up enough money to move into a place with some roommates. 

My apartment is a one bedroom. I do have a small dining room off of the kitchen, with no privacy whatsoever. That’s his new bedroom. It’s been quite the challenge getting used to living with someone again- especially a teenage boy! But it is so cool to get to hang out with my baby brother bear all the time. 

Does anyone have any tips for living with a teenager? I know nothing. I’m trying to teach him about budgeting and how to be a good roommate. He still doesn’t have a job, but we are working on that. He is a little too enthralled with my Netflix. 

In other news, here are some sweet pictures from my trip to the zoo yesterday! I love the black bears, they are so precious. 


black bearcheetahgiraffes


  1. You’re back and have a roommate! Wow, life can change a lot in just a few months being away.
    I would say, make a “to do” list so he can understand the rules better!

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  2. I lived with my sister freshman year of college, as our mother had passed away. She had many rules. The biggest one I recall was her timeline. I had 12 months to get my financial shit together and be out. The fear of homelessness scared me (looking back I’m sure she wouldn’t have kicked me out), but I was out of there in 10 months. During that time I learned to direct deposit my pay checks, balanced two jobs (has your bro looked at temp work? It’s summer and many stadiums and venues are hiring) and school-and the hustle of adult life. I’m proud to say that was over 20 years ago and I have never needed to move back in.

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  3. What a kind gift to give. I think the best thing you can teach your brother is direct deposit into a savings account. You should also teach how to clip coupons to save on food costs and share your monthly bills with him so he can get a glimpse into reality.You may also enjoy these posts.


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  4. Hoping these last 6 weeks or so since the post have gone well. Always an adjustment if on your own to have a roommate again.

    The biggest thing to launch a teenager into an adult world is that job. Having teenagers of my own in the house this can be hard because many jobs require experience. But to get that you need an employer willing to give them a chance.

    It is a tough world but your brother will make it! 🙂

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