I Got a Plant

I haven’t had a plant in years. Every time I get a plant (never on my own, always an ill advised gift), it is dead within a month. Tops.

My new apartment has a super odd bathroom, with strange random spaces. I found myself yearning for a plant. My plant would be glorious, giving my bathroom oxygen and beauty… 

Oh, the poor plant.

So, I went to the store. I googled every plant that they had for dog safety, needing no natural light, and hardiness. This Pachira seemed like the best option. I found a bigger planter (pot? I have no idea), and plate thing (again, no clue what this is called), and some soil with fertilizer. 

I brought her home, replanted her, and gave her a little water (I hope not too much?!). I named her Amelia and turned on the light for her.

The second I turned my back, naughty Lambeau had already taken a bite out of one of her leaves. 

Now I feel bad because I have to shut the bathroom door so she doesn’t get eaten. Do you guys think she’s lonely? Should I go talk to her? 

Also, is a boy going to pee on her? She’s awfully close to the toilet. I hadn’t thought of this, but a boy pointed it out. You know how they are. Sigh. 

I need some advice. 



  1. I think your plant will be fine! Just be sure to fertilize her every month or so (liquid fertilizer in very small amounts) otherwise she won’t last long. I didn’t know that you could have a plant in a room with NO light though? If she starts looking sad, you better put her by a window!!!

    A girl with about 25 plants

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    • I don’t think you can have a plant in a room with no light. I am quite worried about that. I just made sure not to pick one that needed full sun. I am thinking of taking her on walks to the balcony. Can I do that?


  2. I love the headline! Your plants still cute 🙂

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  3. That’s a good luck plant. It’s suppose to bring you money. Good Luck!

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  4. I don’t think , it will feel lonely much! Its for her own safety right??

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  5. I love that you bought a plant. I advise during the warmer months you allow her to live on your balcony during the day for some sunlight. I have never heard of a plant not needing any light. You should also invest in a plant skate board to transport her. No, plant skate board is not the technical name, but every person at a nursery will know what the hell you’re talking about.

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  6. The plant will be fine. Just put a night light in there (so it gives off ambient light when the main light is off).
    Also, invest in a water globe. This will allow the plant to have water without you over watering it. You’ll need to refill it every two weeks, but that is plenty. Set a reminder on your phone.
    Setting it outside dying the summer is fine, but not necessary if you want it to live in the bathroom.
    Good luck!

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