A Brand New Shiba Inu

lambeauI have very exciting, fluffy news! Riley Annabelle and I have welcomed a new Shiba Inu into our home. For now he is a foster dog (just like Riley was), but that is just a technicality. As long as nothing crazy happens, I will adopt him soon. His foster name is Ace. The only reason he can’t officially be adopted yet is that he came from a rescue (www.shibas4life.us) and, of course, the rescue does not want to contribute to the overflowing pet population. No animal can be adopted out until they have been altered. This little boy is just three and a half months old. After he is neutered, he will be a permanent part of the family. Packers fan that I am, the new puppy’s name will be Lambeau. That is what he goes by at our house now, he is just Ace officially until he is adopted.

Here are some pictures and a video of the new baby with Riley (Riley is just over a year old). Riley is very playful, and loved Lambeau from the very second she saw him. They have had a few squabbles in the two and a half weeks he has been with us, but hardly any. They are best friends and I can tell they will be inseparable. Lambeau is much more outgoing than Riley was at this age. They are both rescues, and I got them both at three months. It’s sad to think what they went through as little tiny babies, but wonderful to see them happy.

baby picture
riding in style  regal lambeau
 Riley and Lambear




  1. He is so adorable! I am embarrassed to admit this, but I though new puppies were giving to shelters because their parents simply had too many babies and the owners could not afford to take care of all of them. I never knew these sweet new adorable puppies were abused- how horrible. Thank you for rescuing one.

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    • Thank you! I love him. I don’t know that anything bad happened, but I do know that one was auctioned off after her kennel was shut down, and the other was traded in exchange for not being able to pay a bill. Pretty harsh.


  2. OMG! So cute!

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  3. I love Shiba Inus! One of Loki’s best friends is a Shiba, and Max is just about the most playful dog I’ve met 🙂 As a fellow dog lover, this is one of my favourite posts of all time!! What a little heartbreaker 🙂

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  4. What a cutie 🙂

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  1. […] Jillian posts mostly in lifestyle, which I think means that there is something for everyone! She is a wonderful writer, and she is so supportive of her fellow bloggers (something that I appreciate more than anything!). She also has a love for dogs, which gets me every time. Favourite Posts? Holiday Gift Guide: Kate Spade Edition and A Brand New Shiba Inu! […]

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