Simplify Sunday- Minimizing the Apartment 

gorgeous kuma For some reason, I’ve been feeling a little more anxiety lately. When I saw this picture of Kuma the Shiba, I instantly felt more calm. He’s just so fluffy, happy, and relaxed. He’s literally laying in a field! What’s more relaxing than that?

A weird thing that calms me down is purging my stuff. I read a post this week by Anne this week that really resonated with me. She touched on how getting rid of physical things can help clear emotional space. That is so true for me. I think some of it probably is based on my anxiety, because I get over the top and sit around thinking about things like “there are too many unorganized pictures in my photo albums. They need to be in order. I’m sure there are even duplicates.”

I know these thoughts are a bit irrational (maybe “a bit” is generous?). However, there is definitely truth to the idea that physical things can hold me back. I love to know exactly what I have and where it is. If I need something, I have it instantly because I know how to find it. If I need to move, I can do so pretty easily because I don’t have a lot of stuff holding me back. I love that concept, I don’t know why. I just know that it gives me peace.

All of this to say- I went through most of my stuff last night. I did everything except my pictures (and, of course, that’s why they’re mentioned above. I’m still thinking about it.) and my one under the bed storage box that I allow myself for sentimental things. Cards, journals, the corsage my great grandmother made me for my prom- that’s all in there.

I found four bags of things to donate. Some highlights include extra throw pillows that are always on the floor instead of my bed and seriously who needs that?!, clothes that will never ever fit again, a tennis racquet I’ve literally used once (and I was so bad that my partner almost strangled me), and a record that I have never heard of and don’t even remember owning. I have a bag of papers to shred from my safe, and threw away a few things.

What’s amazing to me is that I always find clutter that I don’t need. How does it find its way in, and why is it so hard to let go? I’ve talked myself out of getting rid of that d*mn tennis racquet so many times, thinking I might play again. Really?! It’s I love sitting on the couch, and I have the hand eye coordination and attention span of a drunk, blind, one armed squirrel.

I tend to make goals for far longer amounts of time then are manageable. For me, for this week, my goal is to feel peaceful- whatever that may require.

❤ Jillian 


  1. Where do you usually donate your extra stuff? I find that for me, creating a free box outside is really satisfying. It’s like giving people free gifts!! I don’t like giving stuff to goodwill and places like that since they already make such a huge profit off of other people’s stuff. I figure if I’m giving something away for free, someone should be able to have if for free! It works best if you live on a somewhat busy street, but maybe give it a try! It’s a pretty satisfying thing to do 🙂 good job minimalizing! I really need to do the same thing.

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    • That’s a fun idea!! I should try that. I live in a huge apartment complex, so I think it would work. I usually give it to Teen Challenge, but a friend recently explained to me how to donate to a women’s shelter. I sorted out my stuff this time, and I’m going to give the clothes to a women’s shelter where I think they will help the most.


  2. I can’t believe you even have that much stuff left to purge! I want a tennis racket!

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  3. Good move!!

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  4. I always feel better after a good closet or drawer purge. Isn’t it amazing, when you think you’ve minimalized so much yet you still find more that you don’t need? Wishing you a wonderful week ahead!

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  5. I think you are talking yourself through good things. Material things are just that, but the memories in your box under your bed are worth keeping, they are the keepsakes and just maybe the tennis racket could be framed.

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  6. I think you are talking yourself through some good things. Material things are just that, the box under your bed are keepsakes and just maybe the tennis racket could be framed.

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  7. I can’t believe you found that much to purge, too! But the other day I was looking around and wondering what I could let go of, things are changing a lot in my world and I think that it’s time to embrace it better and get rid of more clutter, so I’m joining you on the part of your path! 🙂 Here is to feeling more free, calm and at peace!

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  8. I am hoping this week brings you peace. I always amazed at how much you can purge. Have you thought about having your photos put on cd or an usb? I did this for all my family photos this summer. Now they are all on our iPad and computer. It has saved us so much more space. I do admit it can be pricey, but I found a great deal on LivingSocial. You should take a look. I bet you could find one. I will admit the downside is I now have a huge box of photos and empty photo albums. This leaves my household divided. Some believe they should go back in the photo albums, while I personally would like to send the photos back to the people who are in them. After all, who doesn’t like to go down memory lane?

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    • You know… I love your idea of sending the photos on to someone else once they’ve been dealt with. I actually have an aunt that is always doing that. It’s a fun surprise to receive random photos from her!

      I was thinking of dealing with my photos in a similar fashion. I want to scan them all on to a flash drive and then make photo books. I love photos I can have in my hands, but this way they would be smaller and organized. It would be a huge project though.


  9. I know what you mean about the anxiety that stems from stuff. Thanks for your inspiration to keep on with the de-cluttering and simplifying efforts. We donated so much when we moved and I feel such a new freedom to say “good bye” to things. Just sent one of my 2 counter top grills to the thrift store today. My little one saw it and cried, “But I still want to eat pancakes!” I assured her we have another, perfectly good one. I have no idea why I never realized I had two of these (they do look different, one silver, one black…)! Obviously, I am a beginner at this simplifying! PS, I would love to play tennis with you, and I have an extra racket 🙂

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    • It’s sooo funny when that happens. Or when you have something that you would never, ever use. One time I found an omelet maker in the cabinet. I mean, what? Isn’t that what a pan is for? The stuff just takes over.

      I am glad she won’t be deprived of her pancakes 🙂 you’re doing great!


  10. Cozy Home Lor says:

    Hope you feel better! Looking at photos of cute animals always helps 🙂

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  11. I have experienced the same thing, removing unneccessary possessions can be so calming. Last month, I played the Minimalism Game and got rid of 371 things, and it was the best!

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  12. I loved your post so much I shared it with my readers.

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