Adult Coloring Books

adult coloring book

Okay, I’m going to just say this right now. When I first heard the phrase “adult coloring book” I wondered why everyone was so into porn coloring books. When I figured out what was really going on, I felt like the creepiest person ever for thinking that. Then I told my friend that I bought one and she was like umm is that like a coloring book of naked people?

I think this proves either that these things are horribly named, or maybe just that my friends get me.

Anyway, the more I researched it and saw how many people said coloring was so fun and relaxing, I totally wanted to try it. Obviously I looked on Amazon, because whoever invented Amazon Prime completely owns my soul. There were tons of options, and it was hard to choose. I finally picked this cool animal one.

At first when I flipped through it, I was a little anxious about how small the spaces were. This is what I do. I take something relaxing and make it stressful. Notice how the markers are in rainbow order? That’s my idea of how to to relax πŸ˜›

Once I started coloring, I did get pretty into it. It’s totally relaxing, and the small spaces make it so you can’t think about anything else. You should try it!

Have you tried coloring lately? What’s your favorite book?

❀ Jillian


  1. I use an app called Colorfy to satisfy my coloring needs! Very relaxing when you just need 5 minutes out of your own mind

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  2. I use an app called Colorfy to satisfy my coloring needs. It’s fantastic and a perfect distraction when you need to clear your head!

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  3. At a birthday party just this week and birthday girl got a similar colouring book. So neat! Enjoy

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  4. What a great piece of art. I read about adult coloring books a while back and became flooded with question like “Who the hell buys them?” “Do they come with a brown wrapper?” “How do I keep them out the hands of the little humans?” Well, now all my question have been answered πŸ™‚ Thanks for always keeping your readers on top of the trends. Happy coloring and cheers to days of relaxation!

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  5. ginismycomfortfood says:

    I keep hearing about these and have wondered if they’re worth it. Glad to know you’re enjoying them. Although, wouldn’t it be kind of fun if they really were “adult”? πŸ˜‰

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  6. When I was cleaning up after my nieces the other day, I was tempted to just sit down with their colouring books and do some colouring myself… maybe next time… They aren’t “adult” but will still be fun. πŸ™‚

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