Sinplify Sunday- Packing Party

 sunshine and my princessAnne is having a packing party, and I’m kind of jealous. I don’t really want to go to all the trouble, but I love getting rid of things! 

So, instead… What would I do if I were completely starting over? What things would I actually need? Here’s what I got rid of:

  • Two pairs of tights 
  • Three pairs of socks
  • One shirt
  • A Packers foam finger that is just always in the way (sorry, Packers, I still love you very much!)
  • Two pairs of too small leggings
  • Three books
  • An old messenger bag 
  • Small decorative dish 

That’s it. I lost steam. Still, I think that’s pretty good (for someone that recently went through the entire house, and has been doing constant stalking of anything that might be useless!). 

On a related note, while thinking about starting over- how much do we really need, space wise? We are two people and two dogs, and we live in a four bedroom house. Kind of crazy, right? 

A few years ago I lived in a studio, and I loved it. Everything was super organized, and I hardly had to buy anything. Sure, I would have loved to have a closet (there wasn’t even one) for storage, but it made life feel so simple. I know that’s extreme and not for everyone, but it’s something to think about. How much do I really need? How much is just excess? How much good could these things I don’t even use be doing for someone in need? 

Just more of my ramblings ๐Ÿ™‚ Happy Sunday, friends!



  1. I’m impressed with everything you were able to release – especially after the big declutter!! Sometimes it’s just a handful at a time, but every little bit is a victory! And, I discovered when I was running out of things to let go of – it showed that I wasn’t bringing new things in! That made me the happiest of all!


  2. I feel the same way about the living space. It’s just me, my husband, and the baby and even our 1story, 3 bedroom seems too big. My favorite place I have lived so far was a little one bedroom. I want to downsize but all of our family keeps saying we need to look at bigger houses “to grow into”……who knows.

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  3. Chipping away at it.. wields results – even after an already big decluttering round. I’m impressed with how your’e doing. I’m super happy I’m not living in a big place.. smaller spaces means less space to fill up ๐Ÿ˜‰

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  4. My studio apartment days taught me to edit and to sleep on every decision before making a purchase. Now, as a home owner of over 2,000 square feet, I still abide by those rules. I learned it is not just about filling a room with stuff, itโ€™s about the hunt of finding the perfect pieces (which may explain why some of my walls are still bare and rooms are empty after all these yearsโ€ฆ lol). However, there is no way I’m giving up all my space. My studio days have given me great appreciation for my walk in closet, bathtub, and kitchen (seeing it had none of these amenties).

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  5. It’s an art. Sometimes I consider things for too long. I recently missed out on a great pair of lamps at Costco because I slept on a decision for more than a day. I still long for those lamps.

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