Growing Up 

This will be short and sweet, but today I’m thinking about change. Isn’t it interesting how much we change over the years? I feel like I am a completely different person than I was in my twenties. 

It’s funny how I thought I was such an adult, I knew everything, I had all the answers.

Now I am in my thirties and I feel like I know nothing! Does anyone else feel that way? 

And for babies… Look how much Riley has changed! She’s not quite seven months in the first picture, and three months in the second! She’s practically a grown up dog now. 

older Riley  

younger riley 



  1. Riley is adorable!! 🙂

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  2. I feel the complete opposite!!

    I felt ignorant in my twenties.

    Now it feels like I know all the important stuff – and what I don’t know, I don’t need to know

    I think the main thing I have realised in my thirties is the most important thing to know is yourself

    Thanks for sharing 🙂

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  3. I am in my mid 30s and I feel I have grown and know soooo much more than in my 20s. You couldn’t pay me to relive my 20s again. I knew NOTHING. The only good things about my 20s were my high metabolism, more income, and freedom. Looking back, I now realize I didn’t have more income or freedom. I was a city girl who relied on a sketchy landlord to rent me a space and a bus driver or cab driver to arrive on time so I could get to a job on time (I am embarrassed to even think about how much money I wasted on public transportation). Now I am a beautiful cliché- a professional, suburban homeowner who drives. My 30s have granted me the gift of knowing who I truly am and with age my faith and spiritual core have strengthened. I have learned how to put myself first and carve out me time (I’m sipping my chai now as I type this… the little joys in life). I am also learning how to balance life. No, I am not perfect in balancing life, but I have gotten so much better in my 30s at saying “No thank you”. I no longer need to network with EVERYBODY or volunteer at every function. I learned what my passions are and only give my time, energy, and money to those things. Most importantly, my 30s have taught me what love is and what it is not. Show of hands-how many of us had horrible relationships in our 20s but thought that they were the one…lol

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    • I understand, I feel exactly the same way. I just think it’s funny how much my outlook has changed. My twenties were a hot mess in so many ways, yet I really thought I knew exactly how everything should be and what I wanted. I thought I was so grown up! Now, as I come to realize more of what life is really about, I can’t believe how much more confident I feel. However, I still feel like I know such a small portion of what I thought I did! There is so much chance to grow every day.


  4. Seriously! Owen and I were just talking how it’s almost been 10 years since we moved to Oregon. So much has changed and all for the better! Hooray for growing up. =)

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