Flowers and Kate Spade

flowers Kate Spade Idiom BraceletsOver the weekend I was at Trader Joe’s. I swear they have the best flowers! I decided to buy some because, well, I can. I felt guilty and ridiculous. Then I just did it anyway. Is it weird that I feel guilty buying flowers?

But, back to the fluffy, glittery side, look how cute they are in this yellow striped vase!

In other news of how I am spoiled, I now have three of the Kate Spade idiom bracelets that I have been lusting after. They all have cute phrases (idioms?) inside them. I got the ivory for my birthday, a friend sent the pink just because she loves me, and I stalked eBay until I found the striped one from last year. I just got it today! I love it ❤

I really want all of the bracelets, which I think is becoming a problem. Does anyone know where I can find the yellow one? I think it’s from last year.



  1. Never heard of those bracelets, so I can’t help ya, but I’ve decided that I’m a bracelet person, and this year I want to be the type of person that wears bracelets, so I’ve been collecting them and making a point to put one on if I have to leave the house – or a fun one if I’m staying in! So, I wish you well on your journey to find the yellow one fellow bracelet wearer!! 🙂

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  2. omg I love them too!


  3. You don’t need to feel guilty for buying flowers. Flowers are awesome! And those ones do look especially pretty in the yellow vase.
    I don’t know anything about Kate Spade bracelets, but they do look nice in the photo. I should make an effort to wear more of my bracelets…

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  4. ginismycomfortfood says:

    Love me some TJ’s flowers! I actually made my wedding bouquet out of a few of their bouquets 🙂

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  5. Why do women often feel guilty if they buy themselves flowers? Who said it was a man’s job or someone else’s job to brighten your day with floral happiness? If you want to truly learn to love yourself, make it a habit to pick up a bouquet every time you go to TJs (I always get the sun flowers) or the farmer’s market. It will be the best $5 you spend that week. I know you can afford the $5 bunch of happiness- I read about your shopping habits (hell, you have me sneaking Modcloth boxes in my home now… lol)! I also know those idioms bracelet price tags are a far cry from the dollar pack of jelly bracelets of my childhood… lol. Do they still make those?

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