April Fool’s Day Came Early 


So, I’m going to be honest. I’m not known for being the greatest driver in the world (to put it mildly). However, my family is all basically terrible at driving, so a) I come by it honestly and b) who are they to criticize?! 

Literally my sister once hit my car while it was parked (with her car). She’s going to get mad at me for saying that, but you’ll see in a minute why she deserves it… 

Yesterday J, Riley, and I went to my sister’s house for lunch with my family. My two grandmas had decided they wanted to see each other, so we had a grandma party! 


My little brother is rocking my world in this picture. Just sayin’. 

Anyway, so we have the party and then head back to Portland. I haven’t been sleeping much, and after about 45 minutes I pull over to walk Riley- hoping that the walk will wake me up because I’m starting to feel cloudy and sleepy. I take her out (she’s in a car carrier on my side of the car), and walk around the front of my car to get to the grass. We walk for a bit and I feel much better. 

For some reason, when I go back to the car I walk around the back. 

That offensive magnet is on my car!!!!!!!!


At first I think it’s a sticker and I’m outraged. Then I realize it’s a magnet and pull it off and am a little less outraged. Still, I have been driving with this on my car for 45 minutes!! Lol! 

I get back in the car and tell my husband that he and my siblings are a bunch of ***holes. He tries to act all innocent. 

Later, my sister tries to act all innocent too but cracks quickly, as she’s dying to know how long it took me to find it. 

My brother hasn’t admitted to anything yet, but he just graduated driver’s ed so I KNOW he’s involved. 

They’re a bunch of little punks. 

Still, I’m jealous of their general hilarity and am now trying to decide who’s car I will put the magnet on… 

What’s the best practical joke someone has played on you?



  1. LOL, sorry for “raining on your parade” but this was too funny 🙂 I’m sure you’ll get your own back at them one of these days, though…

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  2. It’s not so much a practical joke as a running joke, but the basic theme is that I have man hands. Any opportunity to insert a joke about hands is exploited, and the standard response from me is always “I hate you.”

    Like so; https://kzzinsky.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/man-hands.png

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  3. This was funny Jillian. Our car was really pranked on 26 years as my new wife and I embarked on our honeymoon in New Zealand. Didn’t think it was touched until we started driving away. A whack of tin cans were attached to ropes from the axle, and tucked back under the car to avoid detection. When you drive away, all you hear is tin cans, and we had nothing to cut the ropes. The heater was also filled with confetti. We had confetti coming out a month later. 🙂

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  4. What a beautiful family! That is hysterical about the magnet. I vote for you keeping it on your car- drivers will be nicer to you when you want to merge and forgiving when you cut them off … lol

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  5. LOL! This is awesome. I’m always so impressed by good practical jokes. I wish I was creative enough to come up with a good one…

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  6. In 1987, I had my 7th birthday.

    My cousin (who was always playing pranks on me) gave me a box, with something in it.

    I opened it and found a stone. He told me to keep it safe because there was a diamond in it.

    I kept that damn stone safe for three years until I eventually took a hammer to it.

    And surprise, surprise, no diamond!!

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  7. I love the idea of a grandma party! The last time I had that was after my college graduation.

    As far as silly practical jokes go, all i can think of is how we used to sneak into each other’s rooms freshman year in college and flip everything we could upside down: clock, photos, etc.

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  8. That is flat out greatness!!!

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  9. That is amazing. Think of all the possibilities of the magnet though… you can generally act like an asshole while driving and maybe people will cut you some slack and let you into lanes on a dime or other niceties. This is genius!

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