‘Five Photos, Five Stories’ Challenge Day 4: Yoga Bear

Alex nominated me to participate in the ‘Five Photos, Five Stories’ Challenge. I like Alex’s blog, Only Bad Chi, because it’s awesomely funny. I probably also like it because I relate to almost everything she says, which I guess is a lot of what drives us to read blogs, right?! I’m hoping this shameless flattery will help her not be mad that I’m just cutting and pasting the next part from her blog 🙂

For the challenge, I have to post a different photo for five consecutive days, and include an accompanying story (fiction or non-fiction) along with each. I also have to nominate a new blogger each day to keep the challenge going! If I nominate you, it’s completely up to you whether you participate. The only other rules are to mention the person who nominated you in your first post, and keep nominating others.

yoga bear

I think it’s just obvious that this picture is EVERYTHING. I was reading a running magazine one day on the treadmill (probably Women’s Running, it’s my favorite, but I don’t remember), and I found this ad. I seriously starting giggling at the sheer cuteness. Then I just could.not.stop.laughing.

I don’t know if you’ve been to a large gym, but there generally aren’t a lot of runners on treadmill laughing hysterically to themselves and holding pictures of bears, while trying to not fall off the treadmill (unless I belong to your gym, then that kind of thing happens a lot).

It was kind of embarrassing. I pulled myself together.

Then I took a picture of the ad with my phone.

And lost it again.

Every time I need a smile, I look at this bear in cobra pose. What makes you lose it?

My friend M just cannot keep any kind of chill when anyone mentions goats. It’s a long story… but she has this idea that the funniest thing in the world would be to put a goat on someone’s porch. Like… where did it come from? What is it doing there? I kind of get it. But not like she does!!

I want to nominate All Around Better Me to do the challenge next (no pressure if you don’t want to!)!



  1. So hilarious! I would totally have been laughing too. 🙂
    And thanks for the nomination. I actually posted a photo today, but I’ll do the challenge next week.

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  2. I laughed out loud when I looked at your photo too! Videos of cats doing crazy stuff always makes me laugh. Too bad there really aren’t any such videos to be found on the Internet. Just kidding, at least once a week a friend or family member sends me one. CATS!

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  3. This: https://kzzinsky.files.wordpress.com/2015/03/picard-riker-worf-hat.jpg

    It does not matter how bad a day I am having, this picture will reach the the funk, grab me by the hand and bring me back to a happy place.

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  4. If they notice you laughing they aren’t really working out…lol. I workout at a boutique gym. Lmao…it’s really a great community center- half the membership fees go to youth programs : ). What makes me lose it is when people use fancy words to describe something that it is not. Whenever it happens I can just feel the smile creeping up on my face and the sarcasm tumbling from my lips.

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  1. […] story. Each day, she would nominate a new blogger to continue on the challenge. On day 4, she nominated me. It’s totally up to the nominee if they want to participate or not, but I think I’m […]

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