Pericardial Effusion

Just a short post- does anyone know anything about pericardial effusion? My very dear friend has it- it came on really suddenly (apparently caused by bacteria). She’s only 34 and had to have emergency surgery to remove the fluid. Now it has built up again! They don’t want to use antibiotics just yet, and she’s obviously hoping to avoid more surgery.

Has anyone had experience with this? Know of any alternative practices that could help?

❤ Jillian


  1. Never had it or experienced anyone else having it. Other than prayers and encouragement, I have nothing else to offer.

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  2. Hi Jillian. I am a Physician Assistant and I can tell you that a pleural effusion is when a fluid ( could be blood, pus, or serous fluid) that collects between the membranes in the lungs. Many people with chronic diseases have this. The cause is hard to say because we don’t know what the fluid is. She may have to have the fluid removed again. My son used to have this problem due to his chronic illnesses. I hope I have helped a little bit and eased your worry.

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  3. worxs4kelly says:

    I too will be keeping your friend in *Prayer !!!! I have a friend who is in the nursing field all tho,,,she is in the Burn unit I am sure she…or people she might know….might know of this….Jillian long-story short I keep in contact with her by my cellphone we TEXT,, 1 another tomorrow I will make a payment on my phone & once that’s done I can ask her & get back to u as soon as I find-out more…until then,,, stay well & be their for her….

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  4. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. I have nothing to add unfortunately, but I really do hope that your friend finds a treatment that works and gets better quickly.

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  5. I’m sorry your friend is going through this! And you. It sounds like the doctors are on top of it. I had an aunt who pulled out of something similar (and possibly much more severe) years ago, if that helps.

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  6. worxs4kelly says:

    Hi Jillian,,, I *WISH I can be of MORE *Help !!!! I asked my lady friend who I been texting with…for I think? its like 3 yrs now lol we never met (yet) we first started out this when at the time was on the same dating service on a website,,, I asked her about: a alternative practice she wrote bac, not always,,,& she wrote that she really doesn’t know….(sorry 😦 ) but maybe ? she might ask around & I maybe ? caught her when she is a little busy she….is at work (now) I will let u kno more if ? of course when she finds-out,,,, sorry 😦 (*BUT) your friend is & has *Still been in my ***PRAYERS !!!! talk to u soon !!!

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  7. I just read the Mayo Clinic definition, I had never heard of it. With the different types of heart issues in my husband’s family that doesn’t seem to be one any of them have.
    I will pray for your dear friend and you during this time of need.

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