‘Five Photos, Five Stories’ Challenge Day 2: Shiba Inu Wedding

Alex nominated me to participate in the ‘Five Photos, Five Stories’ Challenge. I like Alex’s blog, Only Bad Chi, because it’s awesomely funny. I probably also like it because I relate to almost everything she says, which I guess is a lot of what drives us to read blogs, right?! I’m hoping this shameless flattery will help her not be mad that I’m just cutting and pasting the next part from her blog 🙂

For the challenge, I have to post a different photo for five consecutive days, and include an accompanying story (fiction or non-fiction) along with each. I also have to nominate a new blogger each day to keep the challenge going! If I nominate you, it’s completely up to you whether you participate. The only other rules are to mention the person who nominated you in your first post, and keep nominating others.

Jewel's weddingSo, umm, this one time I went to a dog’s wedding. And it wasn’t even a dog that I am close and personal friends with. But, we were invited, and we drove an hour to get there, and brought gifts 🙂 It was as beautiful as weddings for people that I’ve ever been to. Maybe I should back up?

As I have mentioned before (Kuma’s story and Riley’s story), my dogs came from a local rescue, Northwest Shibas4Life. We adopted Kuma in 2007, and we have been in touch with the rescue ever since. They are a wonderful resource, and we also try to support them whenever we can. Shiba Inus aren’t that common, so it’s hard to find people that can really help with them.

Northwest Shibas4Life is run out of a private home, but they have a huge piece of property and so many safe places for the dogs to play. Every year they host a picnic in the summer for both humans and Shibas. I get made fun of a little when I say I’m going to a dog picnic, but it’s so much fun! They have guest speakers, an auction, a dog park for all the Shibas, food, and more. It’s really cute to see them all play together.

So, a couple of years ago I started to see posts about how Jewel (the spokes-dog of Shibas4Life) was getting married.

I thought they were joking.

They were not joking.

Obviously, this was the most amazing thing I had ever heard. There was absolutely no way I was going to miss this. Guys, it was a real wedding (I mean, obviously not legally binding…). They had outfits, a wedding party, the father of the bride gave her away, there were vows… I have no words. The bride and groom were both rescues, and their stories were told. It was so touching to hear about how much their lives have changed. It was also unbelievably precious seeing them playing along so nicely. If you want to see the invitation, one version is still online here.

There was also a purpose behind it, besides playing dress up and cooing over the cuteness. It was part of the annual picnic, and a fundraiser for Shiba Inu rescue. Gifts involved donations to help pay for dog food, vet bills, things like that. It was even written up in the Oregonian!

I know it sounds like I’m making this up, but it really happened ❤

What do y’all think? Would you go to a dog’s wedding?

I want to nominate Khalkinised at The Buddha Sutra to do the challenge next (no pressure if you don’t want to!)!



  1. hahahaha, And I thought my step dad was crazy for baptizing his dog. This is crazy haha. I hope the dogs don’t want a divorce later lol. I can’t stop laughing, I have so many thoughts on this in my head lol. But very cute. I would have attended too.

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  2. Awww

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  3. I love it! The Nevada Humane Society, where I adopted two of my cats, had a wedding ceremony between two of the longest term cats there, a male and female called Sounder and Polly. It was sort of done to get publicity for the shelter, and it worked! The local news stations all did stories as well as the papers. The happy couple ended up being adopted together not too long after tying the knot.

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  4. I would enjoy going to a dog’s wedding. Even if it’s a dog that I am not close to, or am personal friends with. Why?
    Because adorableness. That’s why. ^_^


  5. I am speechless and literally laughing out loud at this wonderful event 🙂

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  6. LOVE THIS I would absolutely 100% go to a dog’s wedding!!! I’d take that over a human wedding any day!!! 🙂

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  7. This is so cute! I was trying to think of some way to include my cats in my wedding, but never thought of the pets actually being wed. (And no, I am not actually including my cats in my wedding… too much work because we are having our wedding out of town…)

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  8. Hey Jillian.

    Thank you for the nomination!!

    My life is desperately uninteresting but I will do my best!!


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