‘Five Photos, Five Stories’ Challenge Day 1: Wedding Cake

Alex nominated me to participate in the ‘Five Photos, Five Stories’ Challenge. I like Alex’s blog, Only Bad Chi, because it’s awesomely funny. I probably also like it because I relate to almost everything she says, which I guess is a lot of what drives us to read blogs, right?! I’m hoping this shameless flattery will help her not be mad that I’m just cutting and pasting the next part from her blog 🙂

For the challenge, I have to post a different photo for five consecutive days, and include an accompanying story (fiction or non-fiction) along with each. I also have to nominate a new blogger each day to keep the challenge going! If I nominate you, it’s completely up to you whether you participate. The only other rules are to mention the person who nominated you in your first post, and keep nominating others.

delicious cheesecake

If there’s one thing I’ve learned at my job, it is that almost everything is negotiable. I’ve never, ever been the type of person to negotiate anything. I am uncomfortable with markets in foreign countries because I just want there to be a set price so that I can buy it and leave. However, I now have to negotiate everything, and I’ve learned from the best. After a year or so of expanding my horizons, I decided to try it out in my personal life. To my surprise, I was able to negotiate my way into a lower deductible and a free rental car when I needed my car fixed.

When we were planning our wedding, I was a little drunk with the power of negotiation. It was really important to J to have a caramel apple cheesecake. I wanted regular cake, but I wanted him to be excited about the dessert. I decided that was fine (and by that I mean, we ended up having two parties and two cakes… so, really… I just ate all the cake in the world).

If you’re saying to yourself, “hmm. That sounds good, but I’ve never seen a caramel apple cheesecake…” Guess what?! You’re not alone. You know who else doesn’t think it’s a thing? Every baker and caterer in the Portland metro area. I seriously can’t even tell you how many people I called and website stalked. There’s even a bakery here that specializes in cheesecake, particularly wedding cheesecake. They wouldn’t do it, wouldn’t even consider it. But, I asked them all. This is never anything I would have done before. I would have seen it wasn’t on the menu and moved on. Not anymore!

I finally found someone that didn’t make caramel apple cheesecake, but thought it sounded like a fun challenge. The Dessert Tray was so awesome and created one just for us for our tasting, along with several other things. It was amazing. I was actually almost ready to marry the chef just for making it happen, but instead I just gave her all of my money in exchange for cake. Come to think of it, that’s not really the first time that has happened to me…

Once we hashed out the details of the design (I wanted girly and stripes and dots and J wanted as plain as possible. Well, he let me win that one!), I thought everything was good to go. Nope. Cheesecake has to be refrigerated, and the reception was happening on the second floor of a bar. Do you have any idea how much begging has to be done to convince a bar to a) clear space out of the walk in for a wedding cake and b) force their staff to take the responsibility of carrying said wedding cake up a flight of stairs? I had already collected quotes from other bars and made the case for them to offer us unlimited drink wristbands (yup, wristbands. keeping it classy! notice them in the picture!) in our package for all of our guests, so they were pretty used to my absurd requests at that point. <side note- the wristbands for unlimited drinks were one of the best things I ever negotiated for. If you’re having a party, try to get this! best.party.ever>

In the end, it was the most delicious cheesecake in the world, and the bakery now sells it regularly. I tease J that his imagination is altering the offerings of bakeries now. He just thinks I’m nuts. How do all of you introverts out there feel about negotiation? Does it scare you as much as it scared me?

I want to nominate Karen at Fill Your Own Glass to do the challenge next (no pressure if you don’t want to!)!



  1. Thank you so much for your kind words and shout outs!! 🙂 I’m not mad at all, and also relate to pretty much everything you write and love your honesty, humor, and insight in your blog 🙂
    On that note, love this post!! I, too, am an introvert who is uncomfortable with negotiating, so this gives me hope. I’m trying to learn to be better at asking for what I want, but it’s so hard, so it’s really nice to hear that you successfully confronted your fears. Also, I’m so confused as to why so many bakeries refused to even try making apple caramel cheesecake?!? It sounds like a delicious, totally doable option, so that’s bizarre, but you guys definitely did everyone a favor by getting it on the menu, and now I’m craving it ;). And love the wristband idea, too. Thanks for a great post!

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  2. Hell, I sold cars for three years and hate to negotiate! I am not convinced that with practice it comes more easily.

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  3. Great story!

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  4. mmmm…. apple caramel cheese cake… yum!
    We need to starting thinking about our wedding cake… I was just thinking something boring and plain… lol… but now you have motivated me to see what else I can think of. 🙂

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  5. What a beautiful cake, and a way to start your marriage off with compromise! I balance between an introvert and extrovert, but what I know for sure is I am a negotiator. The key is knowing EVERYTHING has a wholesale and cash value; and to win the bidding war you must have confidence (and a wallet full of cash doesn’t hurt – cash is king!). I once walked in an upscale furniture store and pointed to a sectional that cost more than a month’s worth of mortgage (I been stalking it for months). The polite sales lady asked me if I would like to apply for a store card and set up a payment plan (I was not offended- did I mention this sectional cost more than a month’s worth of mortgage). I polity said no and laid some Franklins on the counter and said I’ll pay cash, but this is my limit. After a few moments with a colleague, the sectional was ours. The store even tossed in free delivery. The manager told us he had never seen someone pull such a stunt and wondered if I was a lawyer …lol

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