My First Interview- by Sami!

interview picWhen Sami from Flowers and Wanderlust asked me if I would be interested in being interviewed for her blog’s interview series, I was shocked and honored to be asked. I was also a little nervous about what she would be asking me… and let me tell you, she didn’t hold back!

If you are interested in seeing what kind of questions Sami likes to ask, and learning more about me, you should check out her interview with me here!

An excerpt:

What is your idea of a perfect day?
Do I have to stick to a certain rating for this? I love to sleep in, so I would start with that. I would round out what was left of the morning with sex, walking the dogs, and brunch. The afternoon would involve an outdoor yoga class or hike, happy hour with friends, then maybe a relaxed night out. Most of the time I’m just craving down time. It’s funny how answering questions like this makes me realize that my dreams are not far-fetched. I can make these things happen, and should.

Nope, there is no ratings on my interviews. I like the blunt honesty. You pretty much pinned the most perfect day and I would love for a Saturday to go just like that. Sometimes it’s so easily attained, we just lose sight of such because of how busy we get. We forget to take breaks for ourselves and realize our “dreams” are right there in front of us.

Do any of you do interviews for your blog? What do you think? Was I too crazy with my answers? 😉



  1. I loved your sincerety and no it was not too much . Your answer is so you. 🙂 Be you that way you stay unique . 🙂 Thumbs up

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  2. I read the interview. I have been lucky to appear on her interview series as well. You and her worked together to have a real conversation and that is what came through to the reader. At least, that’s what I saw. That is why I love Flowers and Wanderlust’s way of conducting her features on a whole array of interesting and unique personalities, starting with her and, in this case, finishing off with you.
    Glad to have found your blog. I am also in my thirties and trying to navigate through with a blog to make sense of things.
    Have a great day.

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  3. I love read these interviews! Great answers to great questions xx

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  4. This makes me oh so happy. Your answers definitely stuck with me and I’m glad you started off with a bang. You’re very open and I think that does start a great ground for conversation. Thank you again. 🙂

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  5. Great interview! Fun to read!

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  6. What a fabulous interview- loved your sincerity, honesty and sense of humor- and what great questions! Your perfect morning sounds a lot like mine; sleeping in, great sex, a run, long shower and breakfast and Netlfixs ahh the dream. I was also happy to read a real woman like you knows someone like KLM. I often read about women like her in magazines and wonder seriously how does one woman do all of that and who the hell are her friends? Now I know that all of you powerful, inspiring women hang out together. Looking forward to reading the article Friends of a Certain Age.

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  7. It’s true, I will never forget that incredible wedding cake! I was actually just thinking of it recently and how freaking delicious it was. Yum! Not to
    Mention gorgeous! I was stunned that you could make that. You’re the best!! Xoxo

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