Beauty From My Phone

Hello my lovelies πŸ™‚ For today, I want to share with you some of my favorite pictures from my phone. The first is the most amazing- my friend took this. I have always lived in the Northwest, and I had NO IDEA that real snowflakes looked like this. Seriously, this is not magnified and it is her car window. What?? Am I the only one who didn’t know this was a thing?

We also have some dog friends, the giraffe at the zoo, and the view in my friend’s mirror on her drive to work. Beauty in everything!


Riley scary teeth

giraffeBaileyseattle roadriley belleI hope you have a beautiful day! It’s finally getting sunny here, at least temporarily, and I am loving it. Anyone else have any sunshine?



  1. No sunshine, but I saw a robin today and that’s a good sign!

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  2. I have ice. Lots of ice. And snow on the way! So totally not build for this weather!!

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  3. Aww, doggie love ❀ I love seeing frost on my windshield in the winter, the ice pattern reminds me of fractals. We have been getting a lot of sunshine in my area which I am much appreciative of. I love the rain, but have been enjoying the sun more this season πŸ™‚

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  4. I LOVE the concept of finding beauty in everything! I lived in the Midwest for a few years so I know a thing or two about those amazing snowflakes. A handful of them and you refer to them as the beautiful cold, anything more and you refer to them as a !@#^% blizzard.

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  5. Those snowflakes are lovely – but they’re reminding me that Winter Is Coming (insert Sean Bean’s accent).

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  6. Love the photos! its always warm where i live even when it rains its hot haha.

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  7. A friend of mine has been photographing snowflakes and she put a few on her blog. Worth a look if you have a minute.


  8. Great pictures. Love the snowflakes, and the doggy cuddles.
    We had a few really nice days of sun up here, but it is cloudy today and we are expecting rain… It has been an extremely mild winter for us though. Very different from back east.

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  9. worxs4kelly says:

    I am defiantly missing,,,,, the spring / *Summer s00000 much !!!!! I can do-without all this (COLD ) LOL I live in a place called longisland n.y. the snow looks nice don’t get me wrong lol & by the way….*NICE Pictures Jillian,,,, πŸ™‚

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  10. worxs4kelly says:

    so are those black bears roaming around (free)-? long-story short,,, I am..almost ? 65% sure that I might……be moving to….Alaska talk about being somewhere (Real-Cold) lol

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