Weigh In Wednesday- Sun Bear Edition

sun bearMy weight is still stable this week.

I went to the zoo over the weekend, and I saw this Sun Bear. Poor Sun Bear! He had too many cocktails last night, or maybe just didn’t stick to his diet very well. 🙂 He is obviously my spirit animal, so I had to take a ton of pictures. I know exactly how he feels.

Sometimes I just want to give up on myself. EVERY DAY I continue to indulge in something that I meant not to.

However, unlike the bear, I have freedom. I can make my own choices, go where I want, do what I want. I want to start viewing my health like I view my budget. I love having a budget for my money, because it allows me to see exactly where I have room to splurge. I have $50 extra dollars, I can choose where to put it and that gives me freedom.

So… I’m proposing that I (we? who’s on board) use that freedom with my lifestyle change. If I mess up in one way, I give up and do everything wrong. THAT’S TERRIBLE! If I did that with my budget, I would probably be homeless or in jail. If I want to not work out, I can’t have a drink. If I want a drink, I can’t chase it with chocolate. See what I mean? I know what this is- it is moderation. The very thing that people have been preaching at me my whole life, and I haven’t found. Now is the time.

Does anyone have any help for me? I think Nike’s slogan is all I really need here 🙂



  1. It comes down to love and R.E.S.P.E.C.T. (I listened to Aretha on the way to work…lol). I know you love and respect yourself so I am confident you will learn moderation (we all struggle with it- I have bought three pair of shoes this month), and how to reign in those indulgences and make time for what’s important. That is your health. It’s the oxygen mask analogy I mentioned before, you can’t help others if you’re not helping yourself. I often work 10-12 hour days but I pencil in a 30 minute workout for myself. After all, I show up for each of my client appointments- can’t I at least show up for myself?

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    • You’re right. If I ever expect to be a mother and fit it all in, I obviously have to start now.


      • Lol…I don’t think you have to be a mama to start! I believe moderation comes along with your first college roommate (yes I will have a beer and a slice, and no I won’t have several drinks and a whole pie) and it should be more solidified when you get married (yes, let’s order the chef tasting menu, no we do not need the flight of wines- a bottle will do) and honed with motherhood (yes, you can have a scoop with one topping, no you may not have a super sundae with all the toppings).

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      • Well, I meant more that I need to get my s*** together now, because it’s only going to get harder! But you’re right, it is always a work in progress. Though I’m questioning that a bottle of wine is moderation, lol.


  2. I always tell myself I can spend 15 minutes whining/dreading “it” and then 15 minutes doing it, or just spend 15 minutes doing it. Which will save me time in the long run? I personally have also noticed that I tend to spend more time dreading something than actually doing it, lol 🙂

    As for budgeting, I think that is a great idea. I used to do something similar to that. If I slipped up and ate extra cake for example, I would cut something out of my meals the next day, or add twenty minutes to a walk, etc. Budgeting also allows you to plan in a splurge here and there, sort of like a weekly treat.. though I used to count calories, fat, and how much of each essential nutrient and mineral I was taking in and it honestly drove me crazy. I also tend to replace items. So let’s say it has been a stressful day and I *think* I want a snack when I know I am really full, I will compromise with myself and eat an apple instead.

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  3. I totally understand you. I struggle with indulging myself. What has worked for me so far is to have healthy options available and be aware of the choice you are making.

    Last night, as an example, I really wanted to have some chocolate and peanut butter (weird snack I know…), but I had regretted the indulgence the last few nights that I had done it (it was starting to turn in to a habit), so I looked for something else that was sweet and would give me that satisfaction without the regret and found a granny smith apple (I love granny smith apples!) and cut that up to eat instead. It was sweet and refreshing and way better for me. Similarly, I was considering having a cider when I got home from soccer practice, but instead made myself some bubbly water with my soda stream. Still felt like a treat, but didn’t cost me any of my weekly drink allowance. I’m not exactly sure how you would apply it in your exact situation, but rather than saying no to yourself, think of an alternative that still feels like a treat, rather than feeling like you are deprived.

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  4. I’m struggling with similar things but i am trying to use the discipline I have as a chef and apply those tactics to my well being. Mise En Place is the chefs doctrine, means everything in its place. Sending positive thoughts your way!

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  5. I stopped using the word “time” and replaced it with “priority”. “I don’t have time to work out” translates to “my health is not a priority”. Or “I don’t have time to take you shopping” translated to “it’s not a priority to spend time with my lovely niece.” I can’t tell you how my life changed with that one word. I now work out 6 days a week. I haven’t lost any weight, but I feel better. Because my health is a priority. 🙂 But to me, the fact that your weight was stable this week counts as a win!

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    • That seems like a very good attitude change to me, I am definitely going to try that- starting with rowing tonight!

      I agree, I’m just happy I’m not gaining. However, I know I can do better.


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