My Longest Run Ever

longest runIn 2013, I trained for a marathon. This watch shows the longest run I ever made it on- 16 miles in two hours, 49 minutes, and 47 seconds. It was the craziest running year of my life, but also the end of my running any real amount of miles. My goal this year is to get back on it.

I had been running off and on for a few years, and somehow got it in my head that with two half marathons under my belt, I could totally train for a marathon. I started building consistency in late 2012, and worked up to a 20 mile week in about five months. Then I started adding on mileage a little at a time. I had some rough patches, but I really kept on it pretty well. The marathon was in the beginning of October, so I signed up for a half marathon July 4th to keep me on track.

The half marathon was glorious. It came with the usual inconveniences- get up at the crack of dawn, drive around in the dark, take some sketchy shuttle bus, wait around, etc. After all that, the run was fantastic. My goal was to finish in two hours and 10 minutes, for solid 10 minute miles (for me, that was fast). My eventual goal was to finish the marathon with 10 minute miles, but I knew at my current pace that would be a stretch. I killed it though! I finished in exactly 2:10 (and some seconds, but I don’t recall what they were).

I was really motivated and kept training with a vengeance. Sundays were long run days, and I no longer drank on Saturday nights. After my run I would take a long salt water bath. I was sore all the time, but I loved it.

I had consistently started to feel some pain in my right calf on my runs, but it wasn’t too bad and I ignored it. Running always hurts, was my line of thinking. On the last long run I ever did, it became a stabbing pain. I hobbled at times, but I kept running. I figured I could power through. I was wrong. We lived in a second floor apartment at the time, and I barely made it up the stairs. I will say, I think my time on that run was pretty awesome, considering all of that.

I thought I could soak it out with epsom salt, but I couldn’t. I ended up going to the ER, and found out my calf was torn. I went to physical therapy and tried to convince myself I could still run the marathon, but it was late August. I had six weeks. I kept trying to heal it and run at the same time. Obviously that didn’t work out at all, and I was devastated.

It took months to heal. Last year, when I finally decided it was healed, I started running again. Then I got runner’s knee in BOTH knees. More physical therapy, and at that point I decided running was costing me too much money. I am, however, convinced that the runner’s knee was from gaining weight. My current plan is to lose 20 pounds and then start running again. Maybe now I can do just a mile at a time? Does anyone have an opinion about this? I would love to start up again.

I also want to tell y’all who run- please don’t ignore a pain if it is consistent. Stabbing pains are the most dangerous, because those signify that something is tearing (unless it is a cramp). Let it heal, and don’t undo all of your training like I did!

Happy trails!



  1. My longest run ever was one mile. It was in 8th grade, when I was on the track team… yes, the track team. It was the first year for 8th grade girls’ sports in my town, so they were accepting anyone who showed up. My best friend wanted to join, and so I joined too, even though I couldn’t have been slower. I was, easily, the slowest girl on the team. We had to run a timed mile before the first meet. I did it. I was dead last, but I ran my mile. Then I threw up.
    I’m really impressed with your achievements!

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  2. Every one has some problem , I feel faint when I run for sometime. Hope you will get back on track and realise your goal πŸ™‚

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  3. First up, wow! You did awesome at the training and it is really too bad that you got injured. Listening to your body is a very important thing to learn, but it can be hard to differentiate between the different types of hurt. I am glad that you are all healed up now, and am excited for you to start running again! I will never go so far as a full marathon, but I want to get my half marathon to 2 hours if I can. Good luck and if you want a running buddy, I can totally be a long distance training buddy. πŸ™‚

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  4. Damn- talk about not having a fairy tale ending. I think your plan of losing 20 pounds then restart running is great, as you don’t want put too much weight and pressure on your knees. I do heed your advice. When I feel any type of pain I stop running and walk, hence why I could never run a marathon…lol.

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    • Well, I’m not a princess πŸ™‚ I so wish I had a happy ending for you, but I believe that is yet to come. I know I can conquer the marathon!
      Thank you, I think I will stick to short distances and lower impact until I lose more weight.

      I’m glad you’re careful!


  5. You brave girl, so sad about your injury! Keep going on but be careful, for us! πŸ™‚

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  6. You need to give your body a rest when it demands it. Otherwise you will run into one issue after an other… I admire you for running on such a regular base for distances like this. But listen to your body. I agree, sometimes you have to push, but sometimes you need to listen too.

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  7. Jillian, this must have been very devastating to have this goal, and then beset with these injuries. πŸ™‚
    I commend your determination to give it another shot.
    A knee brace has helped me, but I know everyone’s situation is different. Hoping you find what works. Would love to see you in the starting corral! πŸ™‚

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  8. I ignored a knee injury when I used to play rugby, now my left knee is almost bone on bone makes for painful mornings when stiff. So now I just baby it and am rehabbing my body and listen to all warning signs my body throws out.


  9. My longest run has always been a mile for gym class and it took me anywhere from 12-16 minutes. I have been thinking a lot about running lately. I was never very athletic growing up, my sister was always the athlete and a runner at heart. But I have been craving more than just a long brisk walk, though I think I need to lose some weight before I attempt to get into running, only because I have back and knee problems. Lately though (the last few months) I have been dreaming about running, believe it or not, and in those dreams I am able to go farther than I always think I can. Weird πŸ˜‰

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