What Bags Are Your Essentials?

essential bagsHandbags are my favorite accessory, and when I thought about doing this post it was hard for me to narrow down which styles are the most important. These three represent the first three bags I would buy if I were starting over. First, a large satchel or hobo (top left), like the Kate Spade Georgina (similar). This is my favorite style, as it can hold everything and looks great with any outfit. I put two more below that I adore- that’s how much I use this style of bag. Second, a smaller crossbody bag for when you don’t need much and want to be hands free. This (black bag) is a Coach bag from a few years ago, so again the link is similar, not the exact bag. Lastly, a wristlet (bottom) is perfect for going out. When pushed, I can fit in my iPhone, a few cards, cash, a few keys (but not the whole key chain), and a lip balm. This one is Coach, but you can find them anywhere (similar).

bonus bagsThese are my two bonus handbags that I would be sad to live without. I actually use these two and the Kate Spade Georgina most of the time, but there are definitely occasions when I need the above two styles.

The yellow one I wrote about before in my birthday gift post, but it’s perfect enough to bring up again πŸ™‚ This is the Coach Scout hobo in light gold/pale yellow.

The pale pink is by Emma Fox. It’s from last year and I couldn’t find it available (similar). I probably looked for a year for the perfect shade of pale pink, and then a coworker found this gorgeous satchel for me at Nordstrom Rack (yes, I have people out there bag hunting for me. I have an addiction. Isn’t admitting it the first step?). I had never heard of Emma Fox at the time, but she puts foxes on her bags!! I think that my dogs look like foxes, so this makes me very happy. Check out how cute the little fox is below!

foxTell me what your must have bags are! I thought about including bags to lust over, but I just cannot look right now. It’s so not in the budget, and I don’t want to develop a crush! I know that moms all need diaper bags, and that changes everything. I have seen a few cute diaper bags, but they are tough to find from what I’ve seen.



  1. Loved ur bags ❀

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  2. My essentials bags are IkaBags (https://www.etsy.com/listing/184262407/best-seller-diaper-bag-messenger-bag?ref=shop_home_active_10). I believe just cause you’re a mama does not mean you have to give up your **** sense of style! I also love a good stylish reusable bag for carrying groceries. My favorite are Baggu (https://baggu.com)- the big bag is great for a trip to Costco.

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  3. Yes! I purchased them a few years ago to use as gift bags (do we really need more Christmas wrapping) for Christmas presents. My friends and family told me they are perfect for toting lunches, library books, Legos and a single bottle of wine.

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  4. Diaper bags huh? Glad you’ve got this on your mind! One of my friends used this cute coach diaper bag that doubled as a purse and she could put everything in that thing! It was super cute, silver black and pink.

    Also, I would’ve listed boots before listing dressed for your obsession?

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  5. I love my purses! I have one for every month plus a few for in between times! And a good hobo is my favorite πŸ™‚ I actually have a $15 Target bag that is brown faux leather with a gold brad butterfly and fringe. It only has a few more months left, so I plan to treasure it!

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  6. That fox is adorable!

    My go to bag is my Coach Legacy zip, it’s about 20 year’s old and was a great thrift shop find. I paid maybe $15 for it and it was almost new at the time. Big enough for a day out, but not so big it gets overloaded and heavy. I’m considering another one in black.

    I also covet one of the Prinkshop/Madewell totes. The lady in front of me had one at the grocery store and it was lovely. Well made. Good clean graphic. And a portion of the sales go to charity.

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  7. I forgot my vote for baby bag. Lug Hula Hoop all the way. I use it as a gym bag now that my son is older. The Puddle Jumper and Short Stop are also great if you like a more vertical shape or are a lighter packer.

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  8. Nice post and awesome bags for essentials. Thanks for sharing.

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