A Friday Eve Poetry Interlude

Seattle SunsetA friend took this picture of the sun over downtown Seattle. It gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling, so I thought I would pair it up with a few poems and hope that it gives you a pick me up!

I am feeling a bit dreamy today, and getting excited for a few days off and starting my yoga binge!




poem- untitledjumbled,

flowing from my mouth~

is my love for you

pouring far too quickly

for you to catch it

and make it worth my while




poem- indecisionindecision

it has always been easy

to find a reason to leave

i’m searching for perfection

in someone else

that i can’t find in myself

when it would be sweet

to just remember

why i want to stay


  1. The V-Pub says:

    Jillian, the poems match the sunset in their beauty. Thanks for sharing them!

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  2. breathtaking picture!

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  3. Jillian!

    Would you like to go ahead do that interview on my website?
    It will appear on this page: http://flowersandwanderlust.com/?page_id=7098

    ANNND if so, can you maybe send me your email address or something somehow? Lol.

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