The 12th Man -or- When Non Football Fans Prepare for Superbowl

Seahawks manicureI changed the name to protect the naive before I took this screenshot 🙂 These are the messages I had on my phone this morning when I came out of a meeting. I nearly fell over laughing.

For those who can’t see the picture, first we have a picture of a blue manicure. One nail has the number 12 on it. Then we have two messages:

I got my nails redone for Jordan!

Which player is number 12? She already did it when I noticed and I didn’t want to complain….. I hope it’s the one he likes

I think this is fantastic for many reasons. First of all, as a huge football fan, it greatly amuses me that she has no idea that the number 12 represents the Seahawks fan. However, it’s much more than that.

She doesn’t like football AT ALL. This year, she has reluctantly decided to take a bit (very little bit, obviously) of interest for two reasons. One, I gave her a big pep talk about how since she loves both drinking and eating snacks, she really needed to reconsider football. Even if she wasn’t interested, it’s a great excuse to drink at any hour on Sunday and eat whatever you want. That peaked her interest.

The real motivator though, is she has a boyfriend that she really cares about. She wants to take an interest in what he loves, just like he does for her. So, football it is. Lucky for him, his team made the Superbowl. Unlucky for me… no. Never mind. I can’t even talk about the Packers right now.

I love that we can all come together for the tradition of Superbowl. Most of us are watching, whether we care about football or not. We’re all hanging out and enjoying each other with talking, laughing, and eating. We’re learning new things, like why the heck someone would paint the number 12 on our nails when we just asked for a Seahawks manicure. Do I love when people are talking during the game because they think the real show is commercials? NO! But at least for one day, we can all enjoy it together; and no one will tell me to turn off the tv.

Who’s ready for Superbowl Sunday?!?!



  1. Thats funny!!!

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  2. That is ***** hilarious!

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  3. That is hilarious!
    Go SeaHawks!

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  4. *laughs* That’s awesome! I was pulling for the Packers, too. Though I want NE to win the most.

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  5. I’m in it for the commercials! Go Budweiser puppy!

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