Simplify Sunday- Closets and Extra Rooms

closet afterI went a little bit purging crazy this week. I wanted to start off my list and get some unnecessary stuff hauled out of the house. I started with my closets. This is the main closet with my clothes in it (after is at the top, before below). I still want a scarf hanger, but I’m happy with how my closet is looking! However, I’m pretty sure I have more cardigans than actual shirts.




closet beforeI also did two closets that we’re using for storage, and one of our linen closets. I went through a few bookshelves, the guest room, my bathroom, and our game room. This included going through my box of memory stuff- letters, journals, and such. I really recycled a lot from this box, which I feel great about. Total I am donating six bags and one box of things that we don’t need. The dollar value for our taxes will be $222. How great is that? I also got rid of my juicer by giving it to a friend. That was a hard one, I have held on to it way too long and literally never use it. Juicers take up a ton of space and I’m hoping that my friend will get good use out of it.


linen closet and bookshelf afterSome other things I have been putting off getting rid of: extra pillows that we no longer use for our couch (we got new ones in different colors), my wedding dress (I would love to have someone else use it!), and several pieces of clothing that are too small or stained.

I don’t love how attached I get to random things. I recycled a bunch of old monologues and headshots from when I used to act. It feels like a lifetime ago, and it made me a little sad to get rid of them. Then I realized I’m just feeling introspective about how much life has changed since those days. I can still get back that feeling of taking risks and putting myself out there- just in a way that fits my life as it is now.

I am feeling much lighter with all of those things gone. In addition to the seven bundles taken to donate (and the juicer), I recycled a full container of papers. Anyone else purging junk this week?




  1. Hurrah for more space and less clutter! I find these posts so..satisfying to read. I love decluttering πŸ˜€

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  2. Me, too! I hit the linen closet in our master bathroom and our bedroom closet. I came out with three full bags to donate. There is something so pleasing about opening the door to a newly organized closet! Of course chances are it will be a mess again in a few months… πŸ˜‰

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    • Awesome! You’re doing great πŸ™‚ Yes, I love opening my linen closet and seeing all that empty space. I’m sure more stuff will find it’s way there, but I guess then we will have another closet purge.


  3. Hurrrray !! You did it!!! πŸ™‚

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  4. It must be the New Year- I have begun to tackle our two car garage. It is packed with randomness. I am amazed we manage to get two cars in there. I also went through my walk in closet because I was inspired by Crate and Barrel’s organization sale and the Modcloth sale (my partner thanks you ha! ha! and begs you not to share links to beautiful cardigans). I am a lover of a good cardigan and have been called Ms. Rogers. I also tackled my powder room and donated a ton of products to a women’s hygiene center. It made me smile to see them embrace my madness of toiletries. I am stunned you went through all your papers and gave away your wedding dress. When I think of purging sentimental things I stop and tell myself if you feel this way in 48 hours, do it! The rule has freed me and saved me some regrets!

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    • It’s so cool that you could donate unneeded things to people in need! That’s awesome. Organization makes me feel free.

      I got married two years ago, and I thought about donating the dress for a long time. I’m hoping that it makes someone else’s wedding beautiful πŸ™‚


  5. That’s great!! Woo-hoo πŸ˜€

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