Weigh In Wednesday- Getting Back on Track

lemon meringue pieI have good news and bad news. The good news is, I made the lemon meringue pie version of the drink recipe that I posted last week. It was so delicious. You should make one immediately.

The bad news is, I have totally flopped on my diet. I have been eating good food, but I have been adding in too much junk food. I had a fried food binge on Friday, and just too many little snacks over the weekend. Yesterday I pretty much ate just candy until 1:00pm. I have a bunch of soup, and I’ve started eating that to get in more veggies.

Maybe it’s time to do one of the cleanses that I put on my goals? Anyone want to do a cleanse?

I weighed in at a gain of .4, which makes the running total a loss of 2.8. I feel gross, and I don’t want to fail. My personal training session got cancelled yesterday, and I actually rowed at home for 50 minutes instead of using it as an excuse to do nothing. I am counting that as a big victory, because it’s the closest thing to victory I’ve had this week.

Riley pieI’m super tired because ever since Riley the cutie pie got spayed, she has been nothing but trouble. She has been getting into everything (stealing my laptop and trying to blog!), whining all night, and in general trying to rip her stitches open. I think that once I can let her play hard again she will be fine, but she is just frustrated that I won’t let her get her energy out.

I don’t understand how all of the parents out there function without sleep. I have lost all desire to do anything that I don’t absolutely have to do. What is your secret?? Am I doomed to not have a baby because I can barely function with a puppy? Help!



  1. I think you need to stop switching methods. This is a good healthy method that creates long term success. The point is to incorporate more and more of what’s right and keep going past the things you mess up on. Just keep doing the healthy meals with lots of good food around all the time. try your hardest to eat those. I think its best for you the to maybe skip weigh ins until you adjust to the new lifestyle for a while. It’s a much better investment for the future. Cheers to a new day! (But not with a lemon meringue pie drop)

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  2. Michelle! I couldn’t have provided better words to Jillian. You need to focus on one thing and ONE THING ONLY. Once you have mastered that, then move on to something else. In regards to the weigh ins, may I suggest getting rid of the damn scale? Why do so many women own one if they only make them feel like shit? I personally only get weighed once a year during my annual exam, and that’s enough!

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  3. Truth to the scale comment. I can tell when I am doing a good job by the way my clothes feel on me and also if my legs don’t touch as much! lol. The key to getting enough sleep, or at least more, is to sleep whenever you can. In regards to a child, you sleep when they sleep. Also when you have a newborn, you will most likely be on maternity leave for the first 2-3 months which makes it WAY easier to sleep bc the baby will sleep plenty. =)

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    • Hmm. I tried sleeping when the puppy sleeps. It didn’t work out so well. Maybe it works better with a baby? You never seem that tired!

      Well, I know I’m doing badly then, because my clothes don’t fit. I kind of am trying to stay away from using clothes, because that leads me to having all sorts of “goal” clothes that will never fit again.


  4. Just came here to say that i love your posts! I struggle with my weight, so its refreshing to see someone working hard to be healthy!

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  5. worxs4kelly says:

    Hi,,,, LONG-STORY-SHORT: Listen,,,, jus look at it as a (N E W) kind of a living…don’t even think of it as some sort of diet,,, no….that is a OLD-WAY,,, of looking at it….its a…life-change…ok ? & hey…after a little while like: lets say after 30-days or so…..u will see some differences going on & know…that it is because of the way you (changed) the way U looked at it…..because after all…..its THE-CHANGE IN YOUR LIFE RIGHT ???? SO….let your (NEW )- (YOU) !!!!! Enjoy her NEW way of Life……..stay well, Kelly p.s. the part time / some times Cross dresser lol 🙂

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    • That’s the problem, I think I need to remember that to change my lifestyle it’s important to stick with the little things. I can do this! I want it to be the new way 🙂


      • worxs4kelly says:

        YES !!!!! see that,,,, that is…and can be the ( N E W )-WAY of looking at it….A ** C H A N G E !!!! Its all good,,,,,, & try not to…think to hard on it….allow it to just happen….u kno what I’m saying because really,,, let the CHANGE happen,,, U,ll do fine young Lady…..& yes,, I am finding out the cost of shoes not jus any shoe,,, NO that’s not what Kelly wants lol by the way if u haven’t guessed by now…that’s my (other)- Side of me….my…or I should say A fem-side of me…..as C ra Zy lol as that sounds lol but any way……Jillian u hang in there ok ? stay well 🙂

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  6. that drink sounds so good! 🙂


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  7. Im exhausted… Thats why I was so sick today, I have a hard time sleeping period and every few days my body just crashes. Im a busy body so being up a lot fits for me because it allows me tons of time to get stuff done. But naturally its awful on my body and slows down my weightloss to a halt when Im tired.

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  8. Hehhe you will be a good mother surely , it is inherent inside us , I have no experience but thats what I have heard . Tried and proven 😉

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  9. Ya n I have a hard time getting back to my healthy dieting habbits. You know what let us both make a promise from today that we will.follow our diet untill we reach our ideal weight. What say ? 😉

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  10. Jillian, I had to crack up laughing. I have been listening to 3 of my new mommy nieces complain about their babies not getting into the night sleep mode. Or in the case of one not taking nap so she can shower. If we Mommy’s didn’t survive the world wouldn’t be overpopulated. You and your puppy will get through it before you know it. Have fun enjoy they are young only for a short time, human or canine! 🙂

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